Chamisa urge youths to register and vote


Movement for Democratic Change (MDC T) Vice-President urged youth to register and vote during the 2018 general elections during the part’s Youth Assembly rally held at Chigovanyika shopping centre on Saturday 1 July.

Whilst addressing the youth at the rally MDC-T Vice President and Kuwadzana East legislator Honourable Nelson Chamisa said he was certain that the MDC-T is going to win the 2018 general elections and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai is going to be President but only if the youth manage to register and vote.

“I want to assure you that Save (Morgan Tsvangirai) is going to win in the next general election and the rise to President is not an overnight event but can be achieved only if all the youth manage to register to vote for the upcoming election.”

Chamisa added that their mission and perseverance for regime change and a new democratic Zimbabwe was close to yielding results, therefore there was need to be watchful.

“Sango rinopa waneta (Forest provide to those who have worked hard) and the struggle has been long and now we know that the darkest hour is just before dawn. Save has come a long with us and the long-suffering Zimbabweans must therefore beware of hypocrites. Other opposition parties can come and board the MDC-T revolutionary ship which is led by his excellence President Morgan Tsvangirai,” said Chamisa.

“Those who want to join the revolution are welcome including Joyce Mujuru, Dumiso Dabengwa, Elton Mangoma, Tendai Biti and all the others who want to be on board. This ship led by Save will lead Zimbabweans to their dream and that is the path we are following,” continued Chamisa.

Chamisa said that they honour and remember the fallen heroes of the struggle from the pre-colonial era to the Mugabe regime and said that he cherishes every experience and moment they sacrificed for a democratic Zimbabwe.

Chamisa also rubbished President Robert Mugabe’s initiatives of meeting the youth as meaningless.

“You hear Robert Mugabe saying that the youth should vote for him come 2018 with nothing to offer them. Youth are living in poverty and tired of his lies and it is high time we heal their wounds. We want to teach the elders how to properly run this country,” said Chamisa.

“I want to tell you that we are ready to take over government, create employment and a better life for everyone,” continued Chamisa

He said the MDC-T government is going to allow domestic and foreign direct investors to come and engage in business with us and create employment for our people.

Speaking on the sidelines of the rally MDC-T Chitungwiza Youth Provincial Chairperson Jabulani Muthunzi said that they were pleased to successfully host their youth assembly.

“I think the program was a success considering the turnouts which converged within a short notice from our Youth assembly but I am disappointed with the high police presence which I think intimidated some of supporters and limited attendances,” said Muthunzi.

St Mary’s constituency Member of Parliament Honourable Tarusenga agreed to Mutunzi’s sentiments on heavy presence of police as disturbing.

“Police are there to protect us and should play that role effectively. If armed police begin to loiter around the venue and the whole residential area instils fear to our supporters which will keep them away from attending the event,” said Tarusenga

Tarusenga ended by saying that though they lost many of their comrades through police brutality and Zanu PF youth militia they (MDC T) do not justify violence.

“We as the MDCT do not justify violence as means to push our political agenda. The MDC-T has zero tolerance to violence and we should not be subjected or beaten by our opponents and we should be protected in a democratic country like Zimbabwe and if not we will find a way to protect ourselves,” said Tarusenga.