Residents suspect political ploy in the firing of Chitungwiza Councillors


Chitungwiza is undergoing major road maintenance just two months after the Local government minister Saviour Kasukuwere fired all the 25 Chitungwiza councillors over corruption allegations.

The councillors were fired on the 27th of April and replaced with three member commission led by Madzudzo Pawadyira.

The residents of Chitungwiza now suspect that the firing of the councillors was a political move to blackmail MDC councillors who constituted the biggest proportion of the councillors in Chitungwiza.

One of the residents who choose to remain anonymous said “Zanu PF wants to blackmail the fired councillors by trying to prove that they were incompetency. We all know the truth that the ministry was not allocating enough funds for the development of the town when the MDC councillors were still in the office”.

Ashton Bumhira a youth activist said “The firing of the councillors was unlawful as they were fired on allegations and what is happening now proves that it was motivated by a well planned political agenda. The Zanu PF regime wanted to demolish Chitungwiza municipality since it was under the control of the opposition party”.

“It is now clear that by maintaining the roads now Zanu PF is showing that its agenda was to cause damage to the MDC by firing the councillors and replacing them with the commission. The ministry is now allocating funds to the commission just to prove that the MDC councillors were incompetency but we are aware of the truth” said Ashton.

Some of the residents believe that the Zanu PF did not want to allocate the funds which was allocated for roads maintenance to the MDC councillors fearing that MDC will take the credit.

“After the heavy rainfall which destroyed many roads, a national disaster fund was allocated for road maintenance and the Zanu PF feared that if the funds were handed over to the MDC councillors they would be credited for the good work therefore they were fired and the money was now given to the commission” said Admire Mutize.