Veteran musician Cde Chinx passed away


Revolutionary musician Cde Dickson Chingaira passed away on Friday at West End hospital in Harare after a long illness, he was 61.

Popularly known as Chinx, Dickson Chingaira joined the liberation struggle in 1975 in Mozambique were he led the ZANLA choir and was very instrumental in motivating the cadres with his revolutionary dynamic lyrics.

The veteran musician was influential with his famous hit song ‘hondo yeminda’ in the land reform program titled the Third Chimurenga led by the war veterans after the year 2000 and made various hit songs supporting the status quo.

Cde Chinx made highlights during the liberation struggle as he was inspirational with his liberation songs which helped to push the guerrillas out of the struggle against the Rhodesians.

A darling to the status quo, Cde Chinx was very articulate in demonising regime change agents and painting a bad portrait to the opposition.

Prior to his compromised polygamy marriage Cde Chinx received a house courtsey of the first family in Sentosa’s Malbereign low density suburb which the first lady declared that Chinx’s second wife was not a beneficiary.

His astonishing work through music can never be forgotten as he made a famous hit song in the early 90’s ‘vanhu vose vemuAfrica’ which carried unifying and embracing lyrics for all African nations to save a common purpose of unit for peace.

Mean while burial arrangements are being made as the veteran liberation musician is yet to be declared nation hero.

Chinx is survived by his two wives Patricia and Ntombizodwa and 10 children between them.