The “Sewer road” of Zengeza 1


Rufaro road which connect from Tsoka to Hombarume road has been named the “Sewer road” of Zengeza 1.

Corner of Hombarume and Rufaro road has become a permanent challenge for motorists and residents as the municipality has dismally failed to address the flowing sewer.

To make it worse, Homabarume road is the main road for public and private transport to and from Harare through Seke or New Chitungwiza road.

The ever presence of sewer at the site has increased the problems faced by motorists as the road network is now potholed with no signs of municipality taking action.

“This is pathetic and no one seems to care to repair”, said Desire Marimbe a commuter omnibus driver who plies Mbare-Zengeza route.

At the cornershops along Rufaro is where the main health disaster looms as sewer is flowing in front shops, butcheries and vegetable markets thereby increasing the vulnerability of citizens to water borne diseases.

Residents has resorted naming the road to “sewer or dam view road” of Zengeza 1 because of the perennial flowing sewer.

“This is the dam view of Zengeza 1,” said Netsai a 32 year old mother of 1 who was coming from Chikwanha going to St Mary’s on foot.

What makes the challenge more tick is that the sewer flows when there is tap water running. If the municipal works department fails to repair this week when there is tape water and it stops as tape water stops and resume next week when tape water start coming out.

The flowing sewer pose more serious health hazard to Grade o and 1 pupils who struggle to navigate through it. As they navigate through it, some drop their things which they fish out again before proceeding home or school with unwashed hands.

Residents of Chirungwiza endure days and weeks without running tape water.

Residents of St Mary’s and Zengeza receive water one or two days a week between Monday and Tuesday while those from Zengeza 4 and Seke receive it between Thursday and Sunday.

Some parts of Seke like Unit O have not received water for over the last 8 years but the municipality continue to bill them.