Mixed feeling over suspension of Chitungwiza councillors


By Tatenda Choto

There move by Local government, public works and national housing minister Savoir Kasukuwere to suspended all 25 Chitungwiza councillors on allegations of corruption, abuse of office, dereliction of duty among other various offences has been met with mixed feelings by residents

The councillors were relieved of their duties for 7 days whilst an ad hoc commission has been appointed including former councillor and businessman Mr Mabhiza, the district administrator Ms Chisango and Mr Madzudzo Pawadyira as the head.

The Minister used the Local Government laws Amendment Act to vamp the alleged corrupt officials from authority which came across mixed feelings with residents citing different attributions for the expulsion of the councillors.

Some residents suggested that it was a politically motivated move for the status quo pre campaign exercise to lure support though Chitungwiza has 14 opposition councillors and 11 Zanu PF.

“The Minister does not want the opposition councillors and those who support the lacoster so I think the move was targeting those from two parties,” said contributor on social media.

Others were of the view that the move to ouster the councillors had some genuine reasons behind which include lack of ability.

“The Ministers’ move had little political intention to target opposition representatives as the number of councillors is almost equal with that of the status quo. The under fire councillors lacked some sort of competence therefore the Minister had to exempt them from their duties” said another contributor on social media.

Others said that the minister was looking for some punching bags for relief from pressure emanating from his political party.

“I think the minister here is trying to justify his alleged incompliance and incompetence from his party. I think he is eager to please his bosses as a loyal office bearer who calls a spade a spade to cover his filthy path”, said another contributor.

Some platforms suggest that the MDC councillors have been victimised to the internal ZANU PF wars pitting Kasukuwere and Town Clerk George Makunde.  Makunde was among those spear-heading for the ouster of Kasukuwere from ZANU PF on charges of planning parallel party structures. The Minister received votes of no confidence from his party’s ten provinces calling for his resignation as both Minister and party’s political commissar.

Chitungwiza which has been bedevilled by large scandals were councillors and staffers were master minders in the corrupt distribution of residential stands. In an audit conducted last years it was revealed that councillor Mutoti had a stand registered in his 4 year old child. As if that was not enough the councillor had many properties attached to his name.

Other residents said that though the Minister is battling to save his neck from the guillotines the move to fire the councillors was positive.

“I think it is so positive for the minister to turn the tables around for these councillors who have never put even an inch of change over there past years in office”, said a concerned resident.

“These councillors are not committed on community development rather they focus on wealth accumulation and looting which is not primary on their duties as leaders”, she added.