Legal Resources Foundation to represent residents against Well Cash Debt Collectors


By Mutakiwa Shayanowako

Residents of Chitungwiza today got a sigh of relief when Legal Resources Foundation (LRF) agreed to represent them against the summons issued by Well Cash Debt Collectors during the property rights training workshop conducted at a local church.

Addressing the gathering Mrs Alice Guvheya the Acting Director of Chitungwiza Residents Trust (CHITREST) said they have secured the services of the lawyers who are going to represent them for free without paying any cent against the summons issued by Well Cash Debt Collectors.

“We have secured the services of the lawyers to represent you for free and you will pay nothing,” said Alice Guvheya.

Last week residents of Chitungwiza received letters of demand from Well Cash Debt Collectors on behalf of Chitungwiza Municipality.

Chitungwiza municipality engaged the services of Well Cash Debt Collectors in an effort to recover more than US $60 million it is owed by residents and business community.

Mr Vincent Guhwu,  the Chairperson of the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), Chitungwiza branch, urged residents not to ignore any communication from the municipality or debt collectors  and must seek help from other residents, community based and civic society organizations operating in their locality.

“Residents must not ignore but must respect all communication from Council and seek help where they don’t understand,” said Vincent Guhwu

Residents have blasted the municipality for billing them for services not provided. Some areas in Chitungwiza are do not access roads and refuse trucks do not offer services but they are billed at the end of every month.

“We have water two days a week, refuse collection trucks do come to our areas but the municipality is not billing each and every month. How can we pay for services that have not been provided