CHIWONISO ANNE MARCOLUS- Aspiring MP for Zengeza West Constituency in Chitungwiza.


Chitownews: Welcome mother CHIWONISO to the Chitownews group. We have concerned residents, citizen journalists, activists, teachers, pastors and other influential people in Chitungwiza as members collaborating in  promoting freedoms of expression and information through sharing alerts, breaking news, analyzing developments and  discussing issues.

Chiwoniso: Thank you for adding me into the group. My name is Chiwoneso Annie Marcolus and I am standing as an independent candidate for the Zengeza West parliamentary seat (MP).

Chitownews : Welcome Honourable

Chitownews: Give us a brief background of who you are including age education and work history.

Chiwoniso: I was born in Gweru on 4 March 1964. I am the oldest of three sisters. We were raised by a single mother, Susan Muroyiwa who passed on March 20th 2015. I have two sons, Tamuka (30) and Sean Tanaka (24). I did my A levels in 1984 and worked as a computer programmer at Old Mutual, ZISCO steel and UZ. I went to the USA in 2002 and graduated with a BSc in Nursing and have been working as a travel nurse up to May 2018. I don’t have much political experience but am determined to succeed if elected.

Chitownews: Your resume is very impressive as much as an independent candidates you  seem sincere and genuine. However it seems apparent that our society is not yet socialised & schooled to accept & vote for independent candidates. My question is do you really see the electorate voting for you because you are sincere and determined to succeed.

Chiwoniso: Thank you. The electorate has been very supportive and I am confident that I will be elected. An expecting family friend visited Zengeza 3 clinic sometime in May. She was appalled by the state of the toilet at our only healthcare place. She sent me pictures and as a healthcare professional myself I was disgusted. I took it upon myself to work on the place. I bought and supplied the materials needed to revamp the clinic. The lavatory has been painted and the project should be completed anytime soon.

Also a sewage health hazard in Mutsunyarunya street in Zengeza 2 needed attention and with the assistance of youths in the area we worked on opening the drainage system to ease away the threat for the numerous school children who use the road. Now the place is safe and sound.

Chitownews: Why is it that most of the woman in politics are single

Chiwoniso: A very relevant question. I can’t answer for everyone but my view is, ours is a very patriarchal society where men dominate the public sphere. Most married women would have to ask permission from their partners to venture into politics with negative responses but a single woman is unfettered by the marriage institution and can freely join in the treacherous tumble without censure from a concerned partner. Of course there are some married women who have taken up political careers with the assistance of their husbands (eg. Auxilia Mnangagwa).

Chitownews: Why would you want to be a Member of Parliament?

Chiwoniso: My desire to become MP for the Zengeza West constituency has been driven by a number of critical issues affecting residents of Zengeza West among other issues:

1) I want to make a positive difference in people’s lives

2) Help enact legislation that curtails corruption, promotes women and youth development, ensure prosperity and general development in my constituency

3) Nurture a positive mind set in the constituency towards social, environmental and developmental responsibility in all residents

4) Ensure health and sanitation issues are catered for

5) Promote In residents a positive and caring attitude towards the elderly and vulnerable

6) Market the constituency to investors to create employment

7) Help rehabilitate youths in drugs and alcohol abuse due to unemployment frustrations

8) Raise awareness and protect women and the girl child living in domestic violence and abuse

9) Promote transparent and responsive governance in both local and central government departments

10) Work with local police to bring order and sanity on our roads

11) Fight for the resuscitation of the establishment of a local dam and purification plant solely for Chitungwiza municipality.

MP Muroyiwa: In order to implement and effect the above I have to be in parliament so I urge Zengeza West residents to vote for me in the coming harmonized election on July 30th. The name is Chiwoneso Annie Marcolus for MP. Vote for development in Zengeza West- Turning Problems Into Progress-Kuwonesana chete chete!