Chaos in St Mary’s as MDC-Alliance primary elections failed to take place

People who had gathered at Katanga Beerhall open space waiting to take part in the MDC-Alliance primary elections for St Mary's constituency

Staff Reporter

There was chaos in St Mary’s constituency of Friday and Sunday as MDC-Alliance primary elections for Members of the House of Assembly and Councillors failed to take place.

The elections failed to take place because of the absence of Hillary Gwata on ballot paper for House of Assembly.

Gwata supporters came with placards written “NO GWATA NO ELECTIONS”.

Gwata is contesting for with house of assembly seat together with current MP Unganai Dickson Tarusenga and Adam Puzo.

The Gwata camp is claiming that their Candidate was announced to participate in primary elections and started campaigning but started during consensus meetings when the other two candidates said he is not on the list for St Mary’s constituency.

“Our candidate was announced on the initial list that came from the National Directorate and we are surprised that they omitted his name of the list”, said one Gwata supporter.

As the candidates failed to reach an agreement, the Puzo and Tarusenga alliance decided to take the election to Puzo’s house in C.A St Mary’s.

The Gwata team heard of the plot and followed to Puzo’s house and stopped the election again leading to a scuffle that ended with Puzo pulling a gun leading to arrests which are yet to be confirmed.

Yesterday was the third time that the elections failed to take place since the start of the MDC-Alliance primaries.