Mabamba’s car burnt at a funeral


Outraged Zengeza 3 residents burn Frederick Mabamba’s Toyota Noah after his serial killer son Nigel runs over and kills fifth pedestrian.

Chitungwiza’s most notorious reckless driver and serial killer- Nigel Mabamba, son of ZANU PF Land baron and former Chitungwiza deputy Mayor- Frederick Mabamba on Friday escaped death by a whisker after outraged mourners and members of the public mobbed and heavily assaulted him in Chari street for running over and killing a grade two pupil while street racing in Kubvumbi street.

The flamboyant but mentally unstable Nigel Mabamba turned up at the funeral wake of his fifth fatal pedestrian car accident victim with a police escort to ‘apologise and compensate’ the family for killing their child.

The family received the delegation and accepted the apologies, but on their way out Nigel was overheard by gathered mourners boasting that his rich dad can pay even a million to the family to compensate for the dead child.

This enraged gathered mourners who dragged the homicidal Nigel Mabamba outside the family’s yard and heavily assaulted him in front of perplexed police details. Riot police had to be called to contain the situation which was threatening to get out of control.

The Mabamba delegation made a quick getaway using another car abandoning the Toyota noah vehicle they had used to come to the funeral

Members of the public then turned their wrath on the abandoned Toyota Noah vehicle which was then set alight and burned to ashes at the corner of Kubvumbi and marairanwa crescent in Zengeza 3.

In 2016 Nigel ran over and killed a man in Chitungwiza road near Irvines farm while street racing.