Clara Piki, aspiring Independent Councillor for Ward 8, St Mary’s constituency


Profiling Chitungwiza’s aspiring leaders to promote informed voting and capable leaders in 2018 general elections.

Meet Clara Piki –Aspiring Independent Councillor for Ward 8,  St Mary’s Constituency which encompasses  Zengeza 1, St Marys and Manyame Park suburbs.

Clara Piki was born at Harare hospital- attended Pfumo primary school  grade1-7 and later went to Zengeza 1 High for form1- 4. Clara Piki rose to prominence in ward 8 after successfully campaigning for the current sitting councillor in Ward 8 in the 2013 General elections. Mrs. Piki shared her vision and interacted with Chitownews Whatsapp group members in a 24 hour          group interview.

Chitownews : Mrs. Piki Welcome leader to Chitownews Whatsapp group. Sanganai nevanhu vechitown

 Clara: Thank you so much.

Chitownews : To set ball rolling- what have you done previously for the community and what do you promise to do for ward 8 when elected

 Clara: I was the campaign  manager for the current sitting ward 8 councillor  during the 2013 election tikaita ma clean up campaigns mu ward 8 and I want to transform ward 8 into a model ward.

Chitownews: Chamunoti model ward chii? (What is a model ward? )

Clara: I Ward inoratidzika ( It’s a well maintained ward)

Chitownews : What do you do in life?

Clara: Self  employed- I am a Cross boarder trader and chicken farmer (kuchengeta huku)

Chitownews : Oh great- Munotarisira kuzviita nemutoo upi? And have you done any effort towards that besides being a campaign manager?

Clara: To work hand in hand with the council  for good quality  service  delivery in Ward 8.

Chitownews: Give us an example of your intentions

Clara: Kugadzira maRoads, Nemvura kuti iwanikwe everyday, kugadzirisa sewage

Chitownews: With due respect these answers are too brief. Can you please specify on what you intend to do? Exactly in depth! Where are you going to get the funds to do all that!

Clara: Like I said- l said work hand in hand with the council

 Chitownews: We are told our council doesn’t have resources to improve our service delivery Asi muchashandisa mari yenyu kani? With all due respect the council you want to work hand in hand with has failed us the residents of chitungwiza dismally so you need to be approaching that post with a clear cut plan of action to resolve our problems thats what we intend to hear from you.

Clara did not respond to most of the questions raised, the interview ended prematurely as she left the group