Residents urged to mobilize and demonstrate locally


Residents of Chitungwiza have been urged to organize and demonstrate locally in addressing their basic socio-economic rights  before they proceed to  march in the capital city. This was said by Themba Mliswa when he addressed the Chitungwiza Community Development Network (CCDN) presser discussion at Mubaiwa hotel recently.

Chitungwiza a mayraid of challenges which include high levels of corruption in allocation of residential and commercial stands, running tape water one day a week, potholed road network, non-functional street lightning system, inconsistent of collection of refuse among others.

“You don’t have water, so what is stopping you from demonstrating at the municipal head office”, said Themba Mliswa.

“You need to organize yourselves and demonstrate at the head office so that you can water consistently. Water is a right you cannot live without”, continued Mliswa.

Residents are of the view that we can’t have a functional local authority when the State has failed to deliver.