Tatenda Kazura, MDC-T aspiring Councilor for Ward 7 in Chitungwiza


By Helliet Nyamunda and Mjamaru= Chitownews reporters.

Meet TATENDA KAZURU –Aspiring primary election Candidate vying to represent the MDC Alliance in the 2018 Elections as a candidate for the position of Ward seven councillor. TATENDA KAZURU is a former student leader at the University Zimbabwe, former Secretary General of Students Representative Assembly and ZINASU General Council member, Secretary General of Zimbabwe Pharmacy Students Association. He have found various communityand advocacy organisations. He is a director of a number pharmacies in Chitungwiza and beyond.

He is a holder of a Bachelor Honours degree in Pharmacy, Diploma in Supply Chain Management and currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in Public Health with emphasis in Health Financing &Pharmaco-economics. He is 35 years old.

Chitownews recently hosted him in its Whatsapp group platform for a 24 hour group interview with Chitownews citizen journalists. Below is the Dialogue with Mr. Kazura

Chitownews: Why do you think you are the most suitable candidate for the position of Councilor in your ward? What experience and expertise will you bring to Chitungwiza town council?

Tatenda Kazuru: I bring vast experience in leadership for transformation, I am a former student leader at UZ, Secretary General  of the Students Representative Assembly and  Secretary General of Zimbabwe Pharmacy Students Association. I have helped establish various community and advocacy organisations. I currently manage a very successful pharmacy business. I hold a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Pharmacy, Diploma in Supply Chain Management and currently studying towards a Master’s in Public Health with emphasis in Health Financing and Pharmaco-economics. If elected, I will be the most qualified to Chair the council health committee if am not elected by fellow Councillors to be the Mayor.

Chitownews : Can you share with us your Manifesto!

Tatenda Kazuru: In my manifesto, I highlighted key issues to do with service delivery. Also we need to depoliticise appointment of managers in Council, avoid red tape and bureaucracy, we will lobby for that. The other thing is to mitigate corruption, by advocating for transparency and checks and balances by adhering to good corporate governance. Chitungwiza must have a civic centre. Libraries must be built, resuscitated and re-equipped with Internet services because this is a digital era. Sports and recreation, when I grew up we used to have basketball courts, tennis courts, handball and soccer grounds, we need those to nurture talent & occupy the young people. Look at them mushrooming of drug dens and sheebeens colloquially known as ‘Bases” or “Gaza areas” were they consume drugs such as Codeine (bronclear) and “magemba’. We don’t need a docile generation.

Chitownews : Which areas fall under ward 7.

Tatenda Kazura : Ward 7 is small but densely populated falling between Mukomberwa drive bordered by Ingwe Drive  right up to Tangenhamo Primary school.

Chitownews: Unconfirmed reports say the MDC alliance has reserved certain wards for youths and women under proportional representation. Can you confirm if this is true and which wards have been reserved for youths and women. Is ward 7 also designated for youth or women?

Tatenda Kazuru : The process of candidate selection is still work in progress. We are trying to avoid divisive primary elections and emphasising on consensus based on meritocracy, capacity, popularity, consistency and seniority in the party!

Chitownews :  So how do you measure say a candidate’s popularity without primary elections! Do you do it by raising hands in meeting?.

Tatenda Kazuru : I agree on the issue of popularity! It’s difficult to quantify in the absence of primaries. As for seniority I am Secretary for Youth Zengeza West, I am more senior than all ward members and been on that position for two congress terms, so nothing can be cooked. MDC T we are a huge family,we will come with modalities to ensure the best candidate represents us.

Chitownews : Mr Kazuru, what’s your take on the road rehabilitation project in Chitungwiza ,hamusirimi muchatutira jecha futi mumapotholes here?

Tatenda Kazuru : They need restructuring and resurfacing, that includes the drainage system.

Chitownews : Do you see yourself claiming the Ward 7 Councillor’s seat? What have you ever done to the Community that will earn You votes? We don’t want people to use the MDC badge because you have seen the light ahead of it.

Tatenda Kazuru: I was born and in Ward 7, I have taught at Zengeza high school. Some of my pupils are now mothers and fathers in the ward, they know me. I assist those who are ill for free, since I am a pharmacist. I am fit for purpose, I have the credentials, I will bring the ward, I am raring to go and I will deliver.


Chitownews : When you say “we” recognize the youth what do you mean?Do you mean that in the party there is a certain group that is more equal than the youth that has the power to recognize the youth?

Tatenda Kazuru : I am a youth, the party now needs to demystify the notion that youths are leaders of tomorrow but of today. Young means energy and innovation. Look Macron in France and the new leader of Austria. We need Generational Transformation, we cannot have leaders of the past preparing our tomorrow. Even if they make mistakes they will be gone before they see consequences of their decisions and actions. Youths must take a look at the cabinet of 1980.

Chitownews : Mr Kazuru how old are you?

Tatenda Kazuru : I turned 35 on the 5th of March.

Chitownews : The last time I checked there was a Kazuru who lost primary election in MDC-T in 2013 and decided to cause confusion in the ward by claiming that he was the MDC-T candidate leading and contested election dividing the MDC vote leading to a Zanu PF victory… I hope and pray you are not the same person who showed the whole ward seven that he is selfish and an opportunist.

Tatenda Kazuru :That is Dr Kazuru! he stood as an independent, he felt he had been short-changed by the party after it had a wholesale suspension of all councillors, He was a clean medical doctor of note. The rest he can answer for himself.

Chitownews : Any last words for the electorate Mr. Kazura.

Tatenda Kazuru : On a parting note let’s vote for youthful candidates Nelson Chamisa. Let’s lobby for devolution because devolution is our revolution.