Chitown residents petition Minister Kasukuwere


By Chitownews citizen reporter

Residents of Chitungwiza last week petitioned the minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Honourable Saviour Kasukuwere over the complete failure of local governance in Chitungwiza.

The petition was accompanied by nearly 400 signatures that were supporting the resolution of the Chitungwiza residents forum that was held on 16th of September at Talichem Church.

The residents made six demands in the petition which are

  1. Residents of Chitungwiza must be included in the Commission currently running the affairs of the municipality.
  2. The Commission must play the representative role by conducting regular public consultative and feedback meetings.
  3. Prosecution of all land barons, council officials and individuals that are named in all land audit reports done by the Ministry and the Municipality.
  4. None politicisation of operations of the municipality.
  5. Implementation of recommendations contained in the Ronald Chimowa land commission.
  6. A criteria be put in place for Councillors to be of sound educational and professional qualifications to meet the demands of their job.

The petition was delivered to office of the minister by Mr Eddington Shayanowako, the Director of Chitungwiza Community Development Network (CCDN) on behalf of the citizens and other supporting organizations such as Chitungwiza and Manyame Residents Trust (CAMERA).

Contacted for comment Mr Shayanowako said residents have resorted to petition the minister because of the magnitude and complexity of challenges prevailing in the town.

“As residents, we have resorted to petition the minister because of the magnitude and complexity of challenges prevailing in Chitungwiza which can be described as complete failure of local governance,” said Shayanowako.

“Since the firing of Councillors and the Town Clerk George Makunde and the appointment of the Pawadyira led commission, residents are not consulted whilst they are the owners of the town,” continued Shayanowako.

Since the turn of the millennium Chitungwiza has experienced continued challenges which can be attributed to the politicization of the operations of the municipality, lack of managerial and representative capacity by the Councillors.

Councillors, political party cadres and municipal offices have been fingered in various audit reports on corruption in Chitungwiza with only former Town Clerk Tanyanyiwa being prosecuted and subsequently imprisoned.