Young People Let’s not Lose Focus: Register to Vote!


The dismissal of Emmerson Mnangagwa is not anything we should dwell on as young people, for it is a political power struggle within ZANU PF.

It has no connection with creation of jobs for us young people neither does it provide solution to the current price hike of commodities which has increased by almost 50%. Zimbabweans are suffering, and those who tirelessly work hard day and night are failing to get cash in the banks due to the cash crisis bedevilling the country.

The political fights within ZANU PF does not benefit us at all as young people for it is not a solution to the bond note which is losing its value on a daily basis and does not provide us with the basic social service delivery.

These fights does not provide solutions to the persecution of vendors and criminalisation of informal economy, neither does it solve police brutality in Zimbabwe and provide education and good health services for the people of Zimbabwe.

It very heartbreaking that our leaders who are supposed to be talking about national issues and problems that the citizens of Zimbabwe are facing daily have shifted priorities from the welfare of the nation at large to their fight for power and loyalty.

ZANU PF as the party occupying the seat of government should be pursuing policies that improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans by creating employment opportunities, ending poverty and corruption, providing basic social services, improving the education and health services, solving the cash crisis and other pressing socio-economic challenges that the country is facing.

It is very sad that our leaders are not concerned about our plight as young people and the future looks bleak for us. The youth interface rallies are not discussing the current socio-economic challenges that we are facing as the youth but are now battle grounds for power and positions.

Young people need leaders and politicians who build a progressive and prosperous society. The fight within the ruling party is not our fight as youth. Our battle is for jobs, education, better health facilities, respect of our constitutional rights, an end to child marriages and other forms of abuse.

Young people, it is now the time to open a new chapter in our lives and the only way we can do that is to exercise our democratic right to be heard through the ballot box.

Let us all register to VOTE, VOTE in our numbers when the time comes and defend our VOTES by all means possible.