Chimombe taking her music to GHETTO


Ezekiel Putirwa, Own Correspondent

Tendai Chimombe is defying the notion that most female musicians shun holding shows in the high density suburbs and rural areas in preference of the upmarket taverns and corporate functions. Tendai like her father, the late soul master and music legend James Chimombe is a singer, songwriter and leader of the Huchi band. This songstress has taken the onus upon herself to be on crusade to take her music to the fans in the townships unlike most of her female counterparts.

“l have been inspired by my father who made his name in the music industry through the support he got from the townships,” said Chimombe.

Tendai’s debut album ‘Tribute’ has seen her perform and take revelers and jiti fans through the memory lane. The energetic musician spices her playlist with some great songs composed by her father.

Her publicist, Rex Kabwato, promised bigger things to come in the near future as he expects her to conquer the Zimbabwean music industry.

“With the energy and the zeal Tendai exhibits l safely assure the fans that there is something big brewing after it (‘Tribute’). She confided that the next jiti album will be a lot more similar to his father’s although the music will be fused with the mbira sound of which she is a player of the sacred instrument,” said Rex Kabwato.

The new Huchi band has blended old and new blood, with her son the youthful Tafadzwa Marowa playing the bass guitar and the tried and tested, veteran keyboardist Charles Areketa adding the much needed experience.

The musician lamented shunning by some promoters who eye already established musicians for major shows and looks forward to a serious sponsor to provide them with a music kit.

This affable musician yearns to have a collaborations with top notch artists and believes one day her wishes will come to fruition.

Thus it is safe to say it is only a matter of time to see this musician make a mark on the music scene in areas shunned by fellow female artists such as the township taverns and bars. Definitely the sky is the limit for this dreadlocked jiti music exponent.