Upcoming zim dancehall artist appeals to promoters.


By Tatenda Gando Choto.

Upcoming Chitungwiza-based Zimdancehall artiste ‘Scada Tee AKA The machinegun! has called on promoters to consider talented underground artistes to ensure that the genre continues to bloom.

Born Rutendo Mwaiyana, Scada Tee said,  “more water is needed for the roots than for the leaves” in relating to the manner in which promoters segregate upcoming artists while prioritising high profile artists.

“I am not pleased by the way uprising artists are treated at shows by promoters who just add an artist to a list of performers without consulting the artist continue,” said Scada Tee during an interview with Chitownews recently..

He continued saying that though it is a great chance to showcase your talent before a huge audience there is need to keep the artist motivated.

“You find your name on a mega event poster which is a good thing to an uprising artist like me and an opportunity to be reckoned and gain a wide fan base but after hard work I need to carter for my expenses which will be compromised,” said Scada Tee.

“At certain circumstances our band members are sometimes denied access into shows and face harassment from gate keepers but under such conditions we try to deliver the best to our fans” said Scada Tee

“As an artist you persevere and give a wonder performance and make the people happy but the problem comes when the program organiser keeps his arrogance and finds nothing special on your attendance,” said Scada Tee.

“I am not saying they should carry us on their shoulders and give us large sums of money but just a token of appreciation for motivation,” continued Scada Tee.

Scada T was groomed by Hwindi President and has risen to be a growing star on the horizon of Chitungwiza under the mentorship of the renowned dancehall super star Dadza D and the veteran Guspy Warrior have also shaped the rising star.

As a parting shot said the absence of proper management of upcoming artists has led to failure to establish proper links that can uplift the genre.

“The fact that upcoming artists lack proper management which can geminate proper links is letting down many,” said Scada Tee.

“The triangular relationship that exists between the artist, manager and promoter should not be financially complicated to an extent that the artist is left with nothing to take home except the performance,” said Scada Tee.

“At times we are conned by some corrupt managers who siphon what rightfully belongs to us and tell you that the promoter had offered only a performance platform. Promoters should cherish and appreciate talent by binding to some sort of ethical conduct. This may be necessary to keep alive the burning talents for the sake of art and give value to music as an industry,” said Scada Tee.

Scada said that there is much to be done on the ground to sustain Zimdancehall as they operate in bedrooms, under trees, open spaces and places that are not suitable for the development of artistic talent.

“We need facilities to develop from one stage to another like affordable quality studios and enough room to perform which can be achieved if the music arena is properly managed and sponsored for a sustainable commercial earning,” said Scada Tee.

His colleague MC Mashasha said that the industry has been hectic operating in considering the payments given to the uprising artists.

“Sometimes it’s a matter of persistence within the artist but to tell you the truth artists are under siege and only a few can sustain these conditions, some give up,’ said Mashasha.

“I think something better has to be done to improve the conditions our artists live on so that not much of the talent is lost. Artists either big or small need to be compensated for the little or much work they would have tirelessly presented” added MC Mashasha.