Passive Zimbabweans towards 2018


By Tatenda Choto

Zimbabweans have proved to be a very lonely society that cannot copy from other African countries on how to decide on their future.

In a number of political cases Zimbabweans end up not accomplishing their vision of a better life.  Ordinary citizens have suffered enough from various government policies which bar development.

Zimbabwe a former British colony is a developing country with visible developments coming before independence in 1980. The regime that took over could not pursue on improving and maintaining what had been left by their colonial master.

The Current Zimbabwean government is good at promising the electorate and paper work whilst policy implementation is negative.

Zimbabwean doors of success have been shuttered by the government which chooses to develop on luxurious project whilst the whole country is in deep poverty crisis.

All the problems summed together point to the politically inactive youths who always pave way to community predators who have developed a capitalist source of mind.

Lack of basic commodities including water has left communities in rubbles in a manner that is hounding the country down the road.  Though the freedom of expression is clearly enacted in section 60 most Zimbabweans feel unsecure as price tags always follow for each political action.

Most Zimbabweans have played zero cognisant on political matters others giving sentiments that even if they go and vote for political representation their votes are of no effect whilst others choose to seek refuge in neighbouring countries. The status quo manages the electoral board Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to manipulate the election results which discourages active citizen participation.

The status quo uses violence on those who do not abide to their political orientation which leads a majority fearing the guillotines. In trying to drive through a positive political doctrine of change the citizens are victims to political intimidation therefore they end up choosing the wrong candidate for representation.

After choosing their political representation by elections, an appointed group of elites who take charge and control as town clerks and ministers push for the political idea that gave them authority. Proved or not the appointed officials pass their own agendas and misappropriate resources without consulting the public. Local authorities are now hives for pompous politics which over shadows important developmental issues of service delivery affecting citizens.

The authoritarian government has passed many policies which are a heist to the majority and has chased away foreign investment initiatives. This has led to industrial collapse and elevated the unemployment rate and investors opting to take business over to South Africa and Zambia.

Therefore as the election draws near Zimbabweans have a compromised task to choose between that what they fear most and that which holds the future. A broken cistern is the type of government that is controlling and managing Zimbabwe as government officials spear heading corrupt activities. This type of government cannot bide to its own promises as in the 2013 pre-election campaign they promised 2.2 million jobs which did not accomplish instead more jobs were lost.

Unless the citizens change their political attitudes and become more conscious of their environment, Zimbabwe is set for another election disaster replica to that experienced in 2008.