Chitungwiza Municipality adopts Rapid Results Initiative as Caretaker Council seeks ‘Quick wins’.


By Chitownews Reporter- Admire Mutize.

The three-member Chitungwiza Municipality (CM) Caretaker Commission led by Mr. Mandudzo Pawadyira demanded progress and tangible results from Town Management and urged them to embrace the Rapid Results Initiative adopted by Council in December 2017, The rapid results initiative comes with time-based targets as the Caretaker administration seeks to attract investment and overhaul  service delivery in Chitungwiza.

This emerged at the 8th Meeting of the Caretaker Council of the Chitungwiza Municipality held at Council Chambers on the 25th of January 2018 which was attended by Chitownews.

Among the ambitious targets set by the Caretaker Commission for Management under the Rapid Results Initiative which will be reviewed on 15 March 2018, CM will regularize 4 000 illegally built housing units in Chitungwiza. 4 200 others will be entered into the new Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Municipality will also seek to resurface five kilometers of tarred roads within the town and replace 3 000 old and dysfunctional water metres.

Acting Town Clerk and Chamber Secretary- Mrs. C. Maunga read the official notice convening the meeting before Alice Kuvheya from CHITREST gave the opening prayer to start the meeting which has replaced the full Council meeting after all 25 councillors at CM were fired by the then Minister of local Government- Saviour Kasukuwere last year.

Mr. Pawadyira chaired the meeting and also took the opportunity to officially welcome the new CM Public Relations Officer- Mr. Meya who joined the Municipality from the Herald Newspaper at the beginning of 2018.

“We hold dear the CM’s public image and we are aware of unsavoury comments from different quarters”, said the Chairman as he stressed the importance of keeping a clean public image of Chitungwiza.

Throughout the meeting, Mrs. Maunga looked out of depth in her extra role as Town Clerk- falling to provide specific answers to questions from the Commissioners on progress made in implementing the Rapid Results Initiative.

As the meeting heated up- the Chairman asked Members of the press and public to excuse themselves from the meeting as it went to the Committee’s segment.

It remains to be seen whether she will perform in her dual roles and meet the time-based targets set for her administration by the Caretaker Commission come Mid-March 2018. Her dual roles in the towns administration certainly makes her a key figure who will decide the success or failure of Chitungwiza Municipality in 2018.