Traffic Cop Killed at Road Block


A Zimbabwe Republic Police road block turned bloody on Sunday afternoon when a police officer was hit by a runaway commuter omnibus and died on the spot. Constable Tapera who was attached to the Police traffic department operating from Chitungwiza Traffic at Makoni Police Station died in the line of duty along Seke road when a commuter omnibus ploughed its way through him.

The tragic accident occurred just opposite the St Mary’s Police Station when the deceased was trying to stop the commuter omnibus driver who was behind another a car. In trying to avoid arrest the commuter omnibus driver chose to drive around the slowing down vehicle ahead of him, trapping the police officer between the two oncoming cars and running down the police officer.

The kombi driver escaped after the accident heading in the direction of Chikwanha Shopping centre. Eye witnesses interviewed by Chitownews say the driver did not intentionally run over the police officer but was simply trying to avoid the impounding of his bus or the payment of a hefty fine but his rash actions led to the unnecessary lose of life. The Commuter Omnibus driver was arrested later that day at his home in Mubvumira road, Zengeza 3 and has since appeared in court.

This incident comes hot on the heels of several such road rage clashes between kombi crews and Traffic Police. In June, another Traffic Police Officer based at St. Marys was hit by a Kombi and sustained serious injuries breaking both legs and arms.