“Aluta continua” said Mahiya

Mr Mahiya (right) speaks to Youth Forum Programme Manager Ashton Bumhira and Mr Marvellous Khumalo the Director of CHITREST

By Tatenda Choto

Zengeza 2– Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association spokesperson Douglas Mahiya chanted liberation sentiments ‘Aluta Continua’ whilst addressing the youths in Chitungwiza during an event hosted by Youth Forum recently.

In his first statement, Mahiya was optimistic that there is no other war veteran’s representative union other than the one led by Christopher Mutsvangwa.

“There is no other war veterans board besides the one led by Christopher Mutsvangwa and the ZIPRA War Veteran Union in Bulawayo only, the other war veteran representative boards are illegal,” said Mahiya.

Summing up his presentation Mr Mahiya cleared the air on the war veterans standing position on which he said they were totally against a Dynasty.

“Zimbabwe is not a family project in which I can say after my rule, Mai Mahiya is the next of keen, we can’t operate like that. That is so undemocratic,” continued Mahiya.

“The word ‘Chef’ is bandaged in hypocrisy to an extent that you bring your enemies closer…..you see those who aggressively chant party slogans like pamberiiiii! they are not for real for they do not possess revolutionary credentials…after all they have high ministerial possessions  … when we went for war where were they?,” asked the revolutionary fighter.

Mr Mahiya clarified that the war veterans were non-partisan and only followed the party that apprehended the principles of the revolution. The war gaffer was adamant on the continuous fight against capitalist, social injustice and corruption which he said where bedevilling the country’s economy and against the principles of the revolution.

Amongst the speakers was CHITREST Director Mr Marvellous Khumalo as the moderator of the event who said the war veterans were a special force of the masses which had written a wonder piece of history in the liberation of Zimbabwe.

CCDN programmes officer Admire Mutize who was among the presenters said that the youths were in serious suspense to an uncertain future due to the continuous downfall of the economy with the unemployment rate above 90 percent and apprehended the youth to coalesce under one political banner with one political objective for representation to the 2018 next election.

A freelance journalist,  Phillemon Jambaya was vigorous about the 2.2 million jobs the ruling party had promised the youths but not yet conceived.

“We want the jobs now that they promised before we enter into another election. We as the youth of Zimbabwe do not want a scenario like that which was experienced by the war vets that they ask for their rehabilitation compensation after 20 or more years” said the energetic Jambaya.

The youth journalist rampantly rubbished the actions by the elected officials for enacting harsh policies against members of the community who voted them into office.  He suggested that the youths should register to vote, peer mobilisation and that youths should not be used by politicians in engaging into political violence rather should take on leadership positions and be leaders of today not tomorrow.

Youth Forum Director, Mr Wellington Zindove said that choosing to work with the war veterans was the most rewarding initiative for the youth for change.

“To gain the experience of the revolution, the youth have to engage with the youth of the heyday who fought for the liberation of this country and together undo the barrier to democracy. We are in the same situation as they were in the late 1970s,” said Zindove.