Cash shortages continue to haunt citizens


The black nights continue to ravage the Zimbabwean economy as cash shortages persist despite the introductions of the bond notes late last year  which were expected to ease the unending long queues and sleepovers at banks.

The bond notes have brought much devastation than paradise for most Zimbabweans since their issuing 6 months ago by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. The bond notes which are trading at par with the US dollar have not been readily available in banks. The grey sheds within currency has led to them being lowly rated in the informal sector and have dragged the pace of an economic come back against government expected impact.

The economic meltdown characterised by the intense cash shortages have absorbed deeper the general populace into the waters of poverty.

The Minister of Finance Cde Patrick Chinamasa was last week quoted saying that there shall be no more printing of the bond notes which are harshly impacting to the ordinary citizens. The minister altered the use of plastic money which is not broadly applicable in some sectors and centres of major day to day economic transactions of the ordinary man in the street.

The demand is greater than that what was supplied leading to large sums being trapped within individuals who are turning away from the banking system which is they cited to have manipulative high charges on each transaction and inconsistence in delivery when it is required.

Citizens have displayed disgruntlement towards their denial to access cash from their banking institutions.

Speaking to some of the citizens at bank queues the general sentiments were that the government had failed to provide enough for the nation to survive.

“I am a war veteran residing in Beatrice and came here yesterday only to be given a number that will work today to withdraw $50 in bond coins therefore I need a week to get at least $100. There is no way we can continue to live like this especially some of us are past age, need to take medication and rest”, said one senior citizen who refused to be identified.

Unpleasant with the situation, senior citizens queuing at banks in Harare have expressed anger to the manner in which their rights are being abused by the financial institutions.

“I think it is no good to see any person of my age by the road side at this hour of day (3am). I am a pensioner and have worked hard for years to earn this money. We are not supposed to be earning our pensions like this. Coming to a bank at such dark hours and having sleepovers on the pavements as if we do not own a house is detrimental and risky”, lamented a pensioner at POSB.

“I think if we are not mad there is surely madness within the system, the system has gone astray” he added.