CCDN Independence Day Statement


18 April is a special day in Zimbabwe as the nation celebrate Independence from colonial rule.

As CCDN we appreciate the role played by the sons and daughters of the soil who made supreme sacrifices to free the country from the shackles of colonialism. Thousands of members of the liberation movement were arrested, jailed, tortured, exiled or even sacrificed their lives to free our country from colonial rule for the people of Zimbabwe to enjoy their freedom and democracy.

Unfortunately for the past 37 years of independence Zimbabweans has not yet experienced the sweet fruits of independence, freedom and democracy.

The past 17 years have seen the economy of Zimbabwe changing from the bread basket of Africa to a basket case and millions of citizens have been forced out of the country due to the prevailing economic challenges. The youth are the most economic active group but they are restless with nothing to do.

Poor service delivery is the order of the day. Thousands of women and children are dying due to poor health facilities. Today the nation of Zimbabwe is independent but its citizens are not yet free as human rights are being violated every day.

Citizens are denied their political rights and freedoms throughout the nation of Zimbabwe. Expressing one’s political rights results in torture, abduction, arrests, political violence and even murder.

Today corruption and pillage of resources have become the bedrock of the rich and affluent who control the levers of power with the masses as political fodder and stepping stones. The people of Zimbabwe wants the fair and distribution of resources and not concentrate them on few individuals.

The government has failed to honour its Independence promises. As we celebrate Independence this year we should not forget the unfinished business that those who perished during the liberation struggle were determined to deliver. We urge the youth and citizwns of Zimbabwe to claim their independence today.

Rise up the youth of Zimbabwe, you cannot always be told that you leaders of tomorrow. It is now the time for the elderly to go and rest at home and allow you the youth to govern the affairs of the nation