Chitungwiza Community Development Network (CCDN) Easter Message


As the nation celebrate the Easter Festive holiday this weekend, CCDN would like to caution citizens of Zimbabwe to remain vigilant and extra alert in whatever they may be doing.

Over the years the Easter holiday has become grieving period as families lose their loved ones through accidents, which in most cases are avoidable.

We are calling on motorists to protect themselves and other road users by driving responsibly, following the road rules, regulations and ensure that their motor vehicles are roadworthy.

We urge all drivers to stay safe by driving sober, driving during the day and checking your speed and tyres regularly. CCDN encourages motorists to take the road safety messages seriously because of the dilapidated state of the roads that are infested with potholes and dongas.

Drivers should take into consideration that they have a duty to safeguard the lives of the people they would be carrying and other road users.

For those who will be using private transport, you are also advised to make sure you go through a vehicle checklist, checking your tyres and other technical aspects.

For those who will be travelling for church services or holiday we advise you to make sure your homes and businesses are secure so that you do not become victims of crime and burglary.

We also urge parents and guardians to take responsibility of their children. We also take this opportunity to call on our fellow citizens to enjoy themselves without disturbing the peace of others.

CCDN wishes every Zimbabwean a Happy Easter holiday.