Chitungwiza Municipality and China-GEO overhaul water reticulation infrastructure in Zengeza 3.

Civil works in progress along Chakanyuka Street Zengeza 3

Chitungwiza Municipality (CM) in partnership with a Chinese civil engineering contractor- China-GEO Corporation is replacing aging metal and asbestos feeder water reticulation pipes with new  PVC based pipes in Zengeza 3. The project which began in December last year with gangs of workmen digging two-metre deep trenches has gained momentum this year despite the heavy rains currently pounding Chitungwiza turning parts of Zengeza 3 into muddy construction sites.

While most of the residents interviewed by Chitownews welcomed the developments after enduring serious water shortages before the onset the current rainy season- homeowners complained that the municipality forced them to ‘deface’ their properties and remove fences and durawalls around their yards so that workmen could dig and access the old water pipes underground. What irked the affected residents and homeowners more was that council workers hurriedly forced destroy their fences and carports at the beginning of December last year but only started the excavations one month later in January- which left their houses and valuables exposed during the festive period.

Some residents lamented the inconveniences caused by the huge excavations on their door steps which posed serious injury risks to children and the elderly. The affected residents called on the civil engineering firm to quickly expedite the process and fill the gaping trenches which were seriously inconveniencing their daily life.

When Chitownews visited the civil works in Chakanyuka street, the front yards of houses had been turned upside with huge area resembling a huge construction site. An affected hoeowner,  Mai Mambare complained that the trenches were restricting her access to her residence as she has to seek the workmen’s assistance to cross the trenches.

“I am old and cannot be expected to jump over these trenches everyday”, she complained to citizen journalists from Chitownews on Tuesday afternoon.

“ I have to restrict my movements since the company dug these huge trenches last week as I have to ask the workmen to help me across each time I want to enter or exit my yard”, said Mambare.

Chitownews failed to get a response to questions conveyed through social media to the new Public relations officer at Chitungwiza Municipality concerning the scope and funding of the project by the time of going to print.