St. Agnes hosts Inter-Carmelites parishes sports day


The Roman Catholic church’s St Agnes Parish of Zengeza hosted the Inter-Carmelites parishes sports day in Chitungwiza on Saturday the 25th of November 2017.

The sports day had participants and congregants from St Alois of Hunyani, St Killians of Rusape, St Josephs of Hatfield, St Patricks of Epworth, St Pius of Manyame and the Carmelites brothers from Mutare as well as the hosts.

The event began soon after a church service led by Father Webster Chibvongodze. In attendance at the service and the event were Fathers Owen Kumbuma, Lovemore Gutu, Simphiso Manyika and Xavier Murambiwa and congregants from different parishes, ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture official and residents of Chitungwiza who formed a huge crowd at the venue.

According to the chairman of the inter Carmelite parishes sports day Talent Mutungwazi, ‘The event is meant to promote interaction amongst church members from parishes as well as promoting healthy life styles through different sporting activities’.

The ministry of Sport official Kudzai Chikwamba said,”It is our mandate to promote health, fitness and wellness lifestyles by all and as the coordinator I assist in the sourcing of balls , nets and uniforms for use on the day.”

The event coordinator Washington Julias Ganga concurred and said that the event is meant to promote social harmony, integration and inclusive participation by the church members and the community. ”The event covered athletics,football,netball, volleyball, tug of war and sack race for children.

The Carmelites were formed in the 12th century in Palestine Holy land and their social responsibility idea was brought to Africa by three Carmelites, Fathers Raymond Lamont, Anselm Corbett and Luke Flynn. The former settled for Zimbabwe in 1946 and championed the transformation of people’s lives during times of hunger and other social ills regardless of race, colour creed and religious affiliation.

To date, the Carmelites own and operate education and vocational facilities and health institutions across the country namely St Josephs hospital and Krist Mambo Girls High school to mention a few infrastructural developments at their premise.

The event had assortment of products from different entities in the banking, mobile network, health, food and beverages sectors for those in attendance to sample. Also the youths and the adults took turns to visit the electoral commission tent to biometrically register as voters for the 2018 harmonised elections.

By 1000 hrs the events kicked off with youngsters and adults jostling for honours in their disciplines. The athletes battled out with gusto and those who excelled walked away with accolades certificates and prizes.

Athletes like Blessing Kanyai, Cynthia Bamhamire, Robert Hazangwi and Shaine Kwasha got accolades as the top scorer in netball, the best player in women’s football, top sprinter in the boys 200 metre race and best player in netball respectively. The exploits of Sister Redemptor Samungure left many at the event in awe as she featured and participated in almost every discipline of the day. The top parishes in the events were given certificates and trophies and a major haul went to the hosts who dominated in most events for the better part of the day. However, at least all parishes had something to show for their efforts.

Blessing Ngwirima a Chitungwiza resident and member of the church applauded the organisers of the event for arranging and executing a top notch event that had qualified referees and umpires .’’ The competitions were well handled and officiated and as such I will never miss any of the coming events.’’

In addition one of the talented participants who featured in women soccer ,netball ,and two track events said ,”I am filled with great zeal for the Lord God of hosts who made this event a success.”