Leave No One Behind: End Violence Against Women and Girls


Chitungwiza Community Development Network (CCDN) joints the international community in commemorating the 16 days of activism against gender based violence under the theme “Leave No One Behind: End Violence Against Women and Girls”.

This year’s theme recognizes the unfortunate situation for women and girls in Zimbabwe, whose rights are being violated everyday due to social norms, lack of empowerment, patriarchy and other forms of discrimination. Violence against women and girls remains one of the most persistent and widespread human rights violations today.

According to the Zimbabwe Demographic Health Survey 1 in 4 women reported that they have experience sexual violence and more than 1 in 3 women have experienced abuse since the age of 15. Violence against women and girls manifests itself in the form of physical, sexual, psychological and economic.

This year’s theme provides an opportunity for the Government of Zimbabwe and other stakeholders to renew their commitment towards ending violence against women and girls reflecting on the core principle of the transformative 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

As the world is commemorating the 16 days of Activism against gender based violence, CCDN strongly condemns gender based violence in all its forms and remains committed to preventing and eliminating this abhorrent practice.

CCDN is calling upon men, women, churches, traditional leaders, government institutions and other civil society organizations to fight and end patriarchy everywhere it occurs; at home, at work and in schools. CCDN is also encouraging the victims of gender based violence to report their perpetrators to the Police authorities.

CCDN is also calling upon the government of Zimbabwe to strengthen the utilization of the Gender Based Violence Act by the Police and the citizens. The government should also provide safe spaces for the victims of gender based violence. The government should also work with traditional leaders, school teachers, men and boys in its fight against gender based violence.