Suspected ZANU PF youths stone MDC-T supporters


By citizen reporter

A gang of suspected ZANU PF youths stoned and dispersed MDC-T supporters before smashing the window panes at the house of a female MDC-T official in Unit N of Seke township in Chitungwiza on Saturday in a politically-motivated attack that shocked neighbours and stoked political tensions as political parties gear up for 2018 polls.

According to Lloyd Damba, the MDC-T Secretary General for Chitungwiza District, the heinous attack took place in broad daylight around midday on Saturday 17 June. The attackers were reportedly led by Peter Anusa and Lazarus Gomo who are well-known ZANU PF supporters notorious for persecuting opposition activists in previous elections.
Damba described the attack as ‘a sickening display of impunity by the ruling ZANU PF party’.

“ZANU PF knows its time is up and is resorting to hit and run terror tactics reminiscent of RENAMO attacks in Mozambique. We know that terror gangs are being reactivated as 2018 approaches but we will not be cowed into submission this time around,” charged Damba.

The targeted home belongs to Mai Anna Mutara, described by witnesses as ‘a staunch and long standing MDC-T activist’ who currently holds the position of Chitungwiza South District Deputy Organising secretary for the Women’s Assembly.

Chitownews managed to speak to one of the victims of the stoning attack identified as Leroy who narrated how the attack happened. MDC-T supporters had been assembling at Mai Mutara’s house since mid-morning as they waited for transport that was supposed to take them to their party’s star rally in Mhondoro.

Without warning a group of ZANU PF youths appeared and started raining stones, bottles and other missiles on the group of MDC-T supporters who scattered in different directions with some retreating into Mai Mutara’s house.

The gang of attackers surrounded the house and hurled insults at the petrified refugees before smashing window panes and the case was reported at Makoni Police station.