‘No Hope for Us in 2017’, said the youth


By Margret Chogugudza

As we begin a new year the youth in Chitungwiza lament that 2017 is a bleak and hopeless for them. The survey conducted recently by Chitownews in Chitungwiza reveals that the youth continue to cry foul due to economic hardships and unemployment with the fear that the situation will continue to aggravate in 2017.

“2017 is another doomed year for us as youth. We will continue to suffer the same predicament of unemployment which we experienced in 2016 and the past years. Usually a new year comes with hope but not for the youth in Zimbabwe,” Fadzai Mberi from Zengeza 1.

“2017 is a hopeless year for us,” added Mberi.

Talking to the Chitownews reporters, Mercy Nyakanyaka a youth in St Mary’s who graduated last year from a local university said she knew that she was graduating to hang the degree in the shelf because the high unemployment rate prevailing in the country.

“Before I graduate I already knew that I will be plunging into unemployment and I am now living that reality and the beginning of the new year does not provide any hope for me”.

“We are suffering and 2017 will be another year of misery”, added Nyakanyaka

Beven Makumbe (24), who graduated with a diploma in tourism and hospitality in 2013, is still unemployed and bemoans his failure to provide a decent livelihood for himself after more than 15 of schooling.

“The high escalating unemployment rate has taken a toll on us young people. Chances to be accepted into the world of work in 2017 are very slim and virtually nonexistent, thus we are condemned into a life of economic hardship and despair in 2017 regardless of our educational qualifications”, said Beven Makumbe.

“I came to Chitungwiza from my rural home in Gutu with the hope of getting a job last year but the situation is no different, there are no jobs. I am now planning to go back to my rural home because with no job I cannot afford to make ends meet here in Chitungwiza,” Said Ella Svosve (27) who is currently residing in Unit N.

“I am not anticipating any chances in the economic sector this year. No jobs will be created for us in 2017, the struggle continues,” added Svosve.

Zimbabwe’s astonishing unemployment rate currently stands above 80%, and has seen many young lives being wasted due to different crimes and drug abuse. Many youth has fled to neighboring countries like South Africa. It is very saddening that the young people of the nation have lost hope for their lives.