Huge goblin-snake ‘caught’ by prophet in Zengeza 2.

The crowd waiting to see the mircales

By Tatenda Choto – Chitownews reporter.

Zengeza 2 – In an incident that confirmed that wonders shall never end in the sprawling Ghetto town of Chitungwiza- an apostolic leader and ‘prophet’ of the Johane Masowe veNguwo tsvuko sect exorcised a huge python from the bag of a woman suspected of practising witchcraft after the woman and her two sisters visited the shrine at 19 Chigunguru street in Zengeza 2 yesterday.

Thousands of residents converged to witness the shocking incident with some managing to take videos and photographs of the almost three metre long live python. The incident went viral on social media in a case that has set tongues wagging with some claiming the prophet was a conman while others claimed it was a genuine case of witch craft.

The drama started around 4pm when prophet’s shocked clients stampeded out the small shrine screaming after he pulled the snake out of a bag belonging to one of the family members. The screams and stampede caught the attention of hundreds residents who surrounded the homestead, in a bid to eyewitness the miracle deliverance. Within minutes thousands of residents had surrounded the house demanding to see the snake with some denouncing the prophet for stage managing a miracle claiming the snake belonged to him.

When Chitownews crew arrived at the scene, eye witnesses freely narrated the events and background of the story to all who cared to hear and backed up their version of events by sharing videos of the snake through popular mobile file-sharing applications such as Shareit and Bluetooth.

A clearly excited woman who lives in the same street said:  “We saw the three women visiting the shrine together for the past three days seeking assistance from the Prophet. They looked like sisters or are related but one of them was seriously ill.” She claimed.

“ Madzibaba (the Prophet) prophesised that one of the two sisters was practising witchcraft and possessed goblins which were responsible for their siblings illness but both denied the accusation.” She explained.

“The prophet urged the responsible party to confess and have the goblins exorcised before threatening to expose the guilty party to the public. The two women remained adamant and on the third day she prophesised that the goblins were in a bag in one of the sisters in her house.  He then accompanied them and together they drove to the house and retrieved the bag and brought it to the shrine,” said the woman.

“The prophet performed some rituals and I was surprised to see madzibaba unleashing the reptile from the bag. Myself, other clients and congregants screamed and bolted out of the shrine. The incident caught the attention of those around a crowd quickly gathered to witness the incident.” She concluded.

Chitownews witnessed the residents gathered around the house and demanding to see the snake and have it destroyed publicly claiming the prophet wanted to keep it for himself in order to con other congregants. Some also claimed he had no right to keep a wild and endangered species.

“We want to see that snake so that the acts of witch craft can be exposed. Who are you to deny us viewing an evil act”, lamented a young man among the crowd.

Two burly guards stood at the gate denying people access to the house. Residents claimed they were the prophet’s accomplices and heckled them continuously.

“How dare you foolish man deny people a chance to see for themselves such a shocking revelation.  You fail to respect people because of a snake which is not even yours!” shouted the furious residents.