MDC Alliance holds mother-of-all-rallies at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre last Sunday.


By Chitownews reporters Tatenda Choto and Admire Mutize.

The MDC Alliance made a bold statement of its intention to win the 2018 General Elections when it pulled the biggest crowd of the 2018 Election campaign season at Huruyadzo Shopping centre on Sunday the 4th of February 2018.

The bumper crowd formed a sea of red and green that carpeted St. Mary’s Township as the Alliance flexed its political muscle and brought the big guns to its ceremonial home and birthplace- Chitungwiza. The original labour backed and student powered Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party was formed at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex in September of 1999.

The MDC party’s homecoming rally for 2018 was graced by Alliance Principals- Welshman Ncube of the MDC, Jacob Ngarivhume of Transform Zimbabwe, Tendai Biti of the PDP, A representative from ZANU Ndonga  and Acting MDC-T President Eng. Elias Mudzuri who was accompanied by firebrand Vice- President Nelson Chamisa.

The alliance’s supporters did not disappoint and turned out in huge numbers setting the stage for a campaign-defining rally that has set the political pace and ruffled many political feathers.

The cold war between Chamisa and Mudzuri was publicly exposed at the rally with an irate Eng. Mudzuri refusing to address the bumper crowd when called to do so by the Master of Ceremonies. This left the door open for VP Chamisa to vow the crowds with his oratory prowess as he delivered the keynote address which he claimed was a speech from the Alliance’s Presidential Candidate Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai, who is currently receiving medical treatment for cancer related complications in South Africa.

“All the kind and loving words I have in this speech are  from our MDC Alliance 2018 Presidential Candidate- Dr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, who could not be with us today. but I want to assure you that he will soon be with us”.

With Mudzuri out of the way, the wily MDC T Vice President and aspiring Presidential Candidate began by saluting the party’s founding fathers and invited them onto the stage for a ceremonial reunion. The unexpected move exposed his rival Eng. Mudzuri who failed to join the party veterans on stage insinuating that he was not part of the founding fathers!

He reminded the gathering that the 2018 General Elections Campaigns were now truly underway and the alliance was raring to deliver the deathblow to the kleptocratic ZANU PF system.

Chamisa described the Mnangagwa-led administration as the “The new Error” and said “despite the welcome, but long overdue policy changes being initiated by the Mnangagwa regime, the Alliance had the ultimate keys to unlock the a true new dispensation for a new Zimbabwe”.

The Kuwadzana East legislator pointed out that signature MDC policies had been stolen by the current regime, but they still had the finest touches in implementing it.

“They stole our policies but what I want to tell you is that even a dull student can copy but the problem is that he can over do it properly! He will leave some important features in implementing, like a full stop or comma which makes the ultimate writing incomplete”.

Chamisa also clarified his “US$15 Billion from Trump” claim, saying they had the necessary support from their foreign donors who are ready to inject a lump sum soon after the MDC Alliance victory come Election Day.

“ We have our foreign friends whom I say have promised us some money to resuscitate our country infrastructure and bring back industry into life not this forsaking that has grabbed our nation with unemployment furry”, said Chamisa.

“I am against all forms of political violence as we approach elections. What happened to Joyce Mujuru and her supporters in Glen Norah is unacceptable especially at point in time and I think it paints a bad picture of our country. That breed of hooliganism makes the political environment unbearable and I urge all youths to desist from such barbaric behaviour”.

Among other keynote speakers  were Peoples Democratic Party President Tendai Biti, the MDC President Welshmen Ncube and Transform Zimbabwe President Jacob Ngarivhume who made their message loud and clear that they were behind Morgan Tsvangirai as their 2018 Presidential candidate.