Where is our 2,2 million jobs?


Young people in Chitunwiza have expressed disgruntlement over the failure by the Zanu PF government in providing them with 2.2 million jobs promised to the youth during the 2013 election campaigns.

Speaking to Chitownews reporters the youths said the ZANU PF regime always come to us for talk shows and when in power they do nothing to improve the situation of the youths.

“We have many problems as the youths and the greatest challenge of us is lack of employment opportunities. The Zanu PF government took advantage of our situation and made false promises in order to get our votes.  Since the 2013 elections our situation has become worse now and nothing is being done by the government to address our challenges,” said Admire Mashiri from St Marys.

“The question we are now asking the Zanu PF government is Where is our 2,2 million jobs that you promised?”

Echoing the same sentiments, Memory Pasi, another youth in Zengeza said they have lost faith in government.

“As youth, we have lost faith in the government and ZANU PF because in 2013 the party promised us jobs and up to now no jobs have been created instead we have all turned into vending to earn a living,” said Pasi.

“The party is full of thieves who are only concerned about themselves,” added Pasi.

The youth bemoans the lack of political will by the Zanu PF government to create employment opportunities for them and improving their situation.

“It is very clear that the ZANU PF government lacks political will in creating employment opportunities for us as youth. The jobless youth population in Zimbabwe is increasing rapidly yet the government is doing nothing about it,” said Rumbidzai Matengambiri.

“Policies propagated by the Zanu PF government have seen massive job cuts, company closure and investment flight resulting in majority of the citizens becoming jobless. It is clear that there is lack of political will to address the challenges” added Rumbidzai.

During the 2013 general elections Zanu PF launched its campaign on a two million job creation promise but has seemingly achieved the opposite; the closure of firms through viability problems.

Although Zimbabwe’s unemployment rate has remained the subject of scholarly debate, researches have pegged it at no less than 85 per cent.