NERA launch voter registration and education campaign


Tatenda Choto

Zengeza 2- Zimbabwe’s major political parties converged at Zengeza 2 grounds in Chitungwiza over the weekend to launch the national voter registration and education awareness campaign awareness under the National Elections Reform Agenda (NERA).

Among the major political parties that were represented at the launch include MDC-T, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Transform Zimbabwe (TZ), Free Zimbabwe Congress, ZUNDE and they were all claiming to be birds of the same feathers set to battle President Mugabe and his ZANU PF in the much anticipated 2018 general election.

NERA youth forum Chairperson Kalonga said they organised the event for the need to educate the youths on voter registration and the whole election process.

“We the youth have the mandate to drive the nation to the future. It’s high time we take away all the problems before us to the bin and decide want we really want for our better”.

Morgan Komichi, NERA Head of operations expanded further on the words of Kalonga saying that the struggle was now laid on youths to turn the tables around.

“Kune vechidiki ndinoti ino yavanguva yekuzvisunungura hapana vamwe vangakuitirai zvinhu zvitsva”(“To the youth it’s high time you liberate your sel.ves from this mess no one but  yourselves can take you to the promised land”), said Komichi.

NERA Head of legal affairs Douglas Mwonzora said they are not only demanding electoral reforms but security officials must also stay away from politics as Constitution of Zimbabwe.

“The police, soldiers and CIO should not by any means be political drivers or by any way be biased to any political party rather they should protect the people of Zimbabwe. We do not condone a situation whereby security officials will be intimidating and harassing people because of their political orientation”, fumed Mwonzora.

Tendai Biti went back to 26 February 1999 when they met to form a people driven initiative to sweep away all the problems people are facing.

“When we met for the National People Conversion on 26 February 1999 we had one resolution to deliver for Zimbabweans, which is the good life they deserve. Zimbabweans are sick and tired of these poor and unjustified conditions only for a few corrupt government officials to benefit from. The good life is being denied by the Zanu PF government that is why we as the major political parties have to merge under this banner of NERA to fight our common enemy in the 2018 elections”.

The event was also graced by MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai who added that ZANU PF was surely going to lose in 2018 election and the opposition is not going to accept any result other than a victory.

“We are going to refuse to accept a result which does not recognise the choice of the people of Zimbabwe”, said Tsvangirai.

He continued saying the opposition constitute high numbers than the ruling Zanu PF which means that they (the opposition) should come out victors in the 2018 election.

“I want to let Zanu PF know that they are now the minority. So we cannot expect the minority to defeat the majority” said the MDC-T President.