Chitungwiza district hold merit awards event for primary and secondary education


Chitungwiza district held the merit awards event for primary and secondary education at aquatic complex last Friday.

Students from Early Child Development (ECD), primary and secondary school level, their teachers, school heads from all over Chitungwiza received awards in cash, tablets, trophies, certificates and hampers according to their performance. Schools and their students also won awards for best performance in sports, arts and culture.

The best schools, over-all, were Chinembiri Primary school which excelled at primary level with 32 students with four units, and Zengeza 1 High school at secondary level which had 18 students with 15 points at ‘A’ Level.

The event which was held under the motto ‘We lead while others follow’ also featured various companies form Chitungwiza and Harare who were there to give their support, and some of them fulfilled their social corporate responsibility through food, beverages and shoe donations for the event. CITI-medical institution was also offering free blood pressure tests for the attendants.

During the merit award ceremony, the attendants were offered entertainment by school choirs and performance by students.

Towards the end of the ceremony Chief Seke encouraged young people to learn and maintain their African culture for it is their heritage. He also said that teachers have a great responsibility and mandate which include teaching African culture to the children under their leadership.

“There is need for all of us to revisit our culture,” Chief Seke said.

“Colonialism tried to cut-off our African culture through elimination of tribe kings and chiefs, but it failed for the young generation has teachers who continue to teach children on upholding our African culture.”