SEED-CO donates 5 tonnes of mealie-meal to Chitungwiza Central Hospital

Part of the 2 tonnes of mealie-meal donated by SEED-CO

By Jill Mangachena

SEED-CO donated five tonnes of mealie-meal to Chitungwiza Central Hospital during a donation handover ceremony held at the hospital yesterday.

Of the five tonnes donated, only two were delivered yesterday as SEED-CO was not aware of the storage capacity of the hospital.

SEED-CO Public Relations Officer, Marjorie Mutemererwa, said that, “the seed company had only brought two tonnes of the donated five to the handover program as they had no prior knowledge of the hospital’s storage capacity.”

Mutemererwa commended Chitungwiza Central Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Obadiah Moyo for his passion towards the well being of the hospital. She said that Moyo had worked tirelessly and diligently to acquire the donation by approaching Seed-Co, building friendship between the two entities along the way.

“SEED-CO always has extra grain for mealie- meal in its storage which it gives out as donations, but there’s no way SEED-CO would have made the donation without the strong friendship that the hospital has established with the company,” said Mutemererwa.

Chitungwiza Central Hospital Chief Executive Officer, Dr Obadiah Moyo said the hospital will not shy away from asking for assistance and they will continue doing so other farmers so that they can get other farm produce such as milk, meat and vegetables among others.

“We will not shy from asking assistance for we know it will benefit our patients. So we ask SEED-CO to be an ambassador for CCH to other farmers so that we do not only get mealie-meal donations. We also would like meat and other farm produce that can benefit the hospital,” said Dr. Obadiah Moyo.

The Director of Operations at the hospital thanked SEED-CO for making the donation as the hospital is situated in a poor community and said it will go a long way in benefitting patients.

“The hospital is situated in a poor community, and it also encounters emergencies. Therefore, the whole community that the hospital serves will greatly benefit from the donation, so we thank Seed-Co for contributing to the welfare of the patients,” said Machiridza.

The poor economic situation in the country compelled Chitungwiza Central Hospital to seek assistance from Seed-Co. As the current harsh economic climate prevails, the government increasingly finds it difficult to allocate enough funds which can sustain the smooth operations of all major public health institutions in Zimbabwe including Chitungwiza Central Hospital.

The harsh economic environment had also made it hard for patients to pay for their health care services at all public health institutions in the country.