Chaos in residential stands allocation


By Gando, St Mary’s -Assimilated in poverty my society has found comfort. Towards a waterfall one will chose only falling in. Challenging the odds of nature when a calf decides to drink its own urine than drinking its mothers milk. Tired of waiting for some sort of hope even the unjustified becomes. My people engaged a residential stand distribution termed “Dzimba dzenhanho”. An initiative conducted under the Zim Asset to empower the people. The process is being spear heard by the youths where by each gets at least 8 by 6m of land. Oral agreements among members is the full documentation for the area allocated to one. The youth chairperson approves loyalty before step counting begins and then boom one owns his piece of stand. Development is key to society also as per individual.

Every member of the society persues to be better than yesterday but does it look beyond today. Sustainability has to be considered for the future generations. Poverty is part of the society but it has to be created not, it has to be reduced. The issue here is that the land being issued by my fellow country man is too small for expansion. Expansion in both material and class. Positive development is hindered from the beginning of initiative. Packed in the less than 50 square meters of land one after the other one is creating a good recipe for disaster. A maximum of two rooms is constructible considering the size of the land.

This will not suit a family of four thus parents to a boy and a girl. If it does suit culture and morality has been lost. No roads have been constructed as it will be a haphazard type of settlement. No water services and refuse collection will be difficult in this heavily congested community to become. Disease outbreak would be at its rampage and give birth to death. Concentrated on the same residents the unemployed youths will engage in social vices of crime and prostitution. It is just filling another pit by digging another. A squatter camp is in progress.

The youth guard is immune from arrest as witnessed during the 2008 elections. Violence begot violence, an eye for an eye blinds the society. Therefore, the community will be rewriting the history of a daughter just like her mother. A much more poverty prone community is being created. Thus the initiative lies under negative development. So was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Poverty,poverty and much more.