CCDN Statement on Independence Day


Chitungwiza Community Development Network joins the rest of nation in commemorating the 38th Independence of Zimbabwe. As the nation is celebrating its independence day, CCDN pays tribute to the sons and daughters of the soil who lost their lives liberating the nation from the shackles of colonialism.

It is very sad to note that after 38 years of Independence young people in Zimbabwe are still fighting for their political and economic freedoms. Young people’s human rights are being violated by the institutions which are responsible for ensuring and safeguarding those rights such as the government, military and the police.

CCDN calls upon the nation leaders to uphold the gains of independence by safeguarding young people’s rights as enshrined in the 2013 Constitution. The government should work towards building a Zimbabwe of equal opportunities where young people enjoy their economic and political freedoms.

The nation is celebrating its 38th Independence shortly before the watershed July/August 2018 elections. CCDN calls upon the national and various political leaders to respect each Zimbabwean’s political affiliation in the upcoming elections. We urge all Zimbabweans to tolerate and respect each other’s political association and to shun all forms of political violence by conducting the elections in a peaceful manner.

Cognizant of the fact that our liberation fighters were the youth of their days, CCDN calls upon various political stakeholders to provide the young generation with opportunities to lead in various sectors. We condemn the marginalization of the young people from leadership positions in the political, religious, social and economic fraternities.

In the spirit of Independence, CCDN challenge the government of Zimbabwe and the ruling political party to uphold the provision of the Constitution of Zimbabwe to every citizen and to desist from all forms of corruption and politicizing of the nation’s resources for young people to fully benefit from the gains of Independence.

In a bid to respect those who lost their lives during the liberation struggle CCDN urges all the young people to fight for, uphold and safeguard their constitutional rights. We call upon the young people to register to vote and to participate in the upcoming elections as candidates