Meet RUFARO KASEKE –Aspiring INDEPENDENT Member of Parliament for Chitungwiza North Constituency which encompasses Seke suburbs of unit A,B,C and K. Rufaro is a Film producer born in Chitungwiza in 1980 and educated at Fungisai Primary School. He is now finishing off his Masters degree in Creative Digital film production with University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

Rufaro Kaseke- better known on social media circles as “Rasta or Jahman” rose to prominence in 2017 after making a series of video rants mainly directed at Chatunga and Robert Mugabe jnr exhorting them to continue piling domestic and international misery on their parents Grace and Robert Mugabe as they were in the process of creating a family dynasty in Zimbabwe against the will of the majority in ZANU PF and Zimbabwe at large. Like any other Zimbabwean, who was not happy with the “Status quo” in Zimbabwe, he started venting  his frustrations on social media through video rants where he urged the Mugabe family not to run the country like their own tuckshop and also to take people for granted.

Mr. Kaseke shared his vision and interacted with Chitownews Whatsapp group members in a 24 hour group interview: We present the dialogue below.

Chitownews: Mr Kaseke what motivated you to make those video rants. Where you motivated by the need to be politically visibile and publicity platform to launch political career.

Rufaro Kaseke: The rants were out of frustrations just like anyone else. I was born and  raised in Chitown. I travelled and worked overseas but still left the pseudo comforts of Europe to come and work for the Chitown so I’m pretty sure my passion is good enough.

Chitownews: Do you have a party to back you? National politics  is based on numbers to push an agenda through parliament.

Rufaro Kaseke: Guys my party is the people of Chitown. I’m backed by the need to make the lives of the people better. I will not be alone, I will have the commitment, the constitution and a mandate to move the country forward. For the past couple of years, I have studied the National water policy as well as the National health strategies and shared my findings with the residents association executives. One of the biggest issues I have discovered during my canvassing is the lack of knowledge for citizens constitutional entitlements. The state has for a long time been violating the constitutional citizens rights  and very few people had the balls to question it  because very few people actually care to know about their rights. Even the right to clean water!

Chitownews: If people become aware that it is their basic right to get clean water . How then are you going to make them get clean water because knowing your rights and getting the clean water are two different things.

Rufaro Kaseke: Ndakaona zvisina kufanira kuti ndinyore mastatutory instruments ne legislation paposter richaverengwa nanamai vedu vari pamusika vanova ndivo vandakamirira vane matambudziko. (I found it very awkward to write statutory instruments and legislation on poster that will be read by our mothers at vending places whom I seek to represent because they have challenges.  I’ m fully aware of the lines between local governance and national policy generation.

Chitownews: Mukuru hamufunge kuti message iri paposter penyu is for the local governance people and therefore should be addressed by Councillors! Ndizvo here zvinofanira kunge zvichiitwa naMP?

Rufaro Kaseke: We will exploit every avenue of the Water policy to ensure adequate private public partnerships, adopt successful water treatment models like the Australian one. The local government budget is adequate for all this! I will demand redress from national fiscus and ensure accountability for every penny.

Chitownews: Mr.Kaseke  how confident are you of victory in the MP race in Chitungwiza north?

Rufaro Kaseke: Highly confident. I have the people behind me.