Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) held a rally and soccer tournament


Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity (ZIPP) organized a rally and soccer tournament at Macheka square on Saturday to introduce their manifesto and prospective candidates for the upcoming 2018 elections.

ZIPP leader Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru addressed the audience and urged young people to assume responsibility of leading the nation.

“Our mission as ZIPP is to build Zimbabwe…..this is our generational mandate…..Tinoti Chirere mangwana chigokurerawo. 2018 is the perfect moment for youth to assume the responsibility of leading this nation to Canaan,” said Dr Kasiyamhuru.

Dr Kasiyamhuru also used the platform to introduce his wife, Mrs. Manyoni, as ZIPP Parliamentary candidate for St Mary’s Constituency.

ZIPP Chaplin General Phillip Bhunu urged St Mary’s constituency citizens to be tolerant of diverging political opinions moreso during the election time.

“At the end of the day we are one team which is our mandate as a political party. The team spirit which we have witnessed after the end of the match that we were watching should also exist within political parties. Political parties should learn to tolerate each other as there always exist a winner and loser after the event. The games we witnessed here today were more about bringing the people together”, said Chaplain General Phillip Bhunu.

ZIPP Harare Provincial chairperson Crispen Rateiwa called on youth to support and vote for ZIPP in 2018 elections.

“ZIPP as a youthful party with our President Dr Kasiyamhuru is 40 years old and has the energy, ideas and generational mandate to carry our nation to economic prosperity which most the youth are itching for”, said Rateiwa

In the morning before the rally, ZIPP organized a football tournament at Macheka grounds to attract the crowds to their rally. The team from Chitungwiza west scooped the grand price after an impressive performance that saw them defeating St. Marys in the final.

The matches begun at 10 am with the first semi final pitting Zengeza West against St Mary’s resulting in a goalless stalemate. The match was decided in a penalty shootout on which St Mary’s won 5-4 after a McDonald Motsi miss.

The second semi final witnessed a powerful performance from Chitungwiza West who sailed past an equally impressive Chitungwiza North team after a 2-0 scoreline with goals with goals coming in the first 5 minutes of the first half.

Silky skills and fierce tackles were on display during the final with players such as Sedrick Maruta from the middle of the park and John Mutero in attack for Chitungwiza west  playing powerful shots which could not go past the young St Mary’s goal minder Clinton Sifiliali.

St Mary’s had a chance to bury their opponents after a combination of Tinotenda Chirunga and Jimmy Tambo brought a curling cross from the left which found the head of the unmarked Marlon Mapfumo who was denied by the up right post. Chirunga had another opportunity before the end of match with only the keeper to beat but the Chitungwiza West goalkeeper was solid enough to keep the match at a stalemate.

The match was decided through penalty shootouts on which Chitungwiza West goalkeeper Bachford Chagama was hero of the day with two good penalty serves which earned his side a 5-3 win and were crowned champions of the tournament.

Former Might Warriors captain Bonzo who was part of the spectators said that the tournament gave the youngsters from all over Chitungwiza an opportunity to show off their talents.

She however pleaded to the organizers ZIPP to improve on the price packages to keep players inspired. “Though the participants gave it all as you all witnessed, the prices tell a different story altogether which resembles the value given to sport by these so called sponsors.

“This call is not only for ZIPP but for all those who think can stretch a hand in the beautiful game not to underestimate the talents. It’s an occupation and these youngsters have carriers with them which need to be uplifted and be better rewarded continuously for better generations of sportsmen and women for our country”, she ended.