Youth trained in conflict management


By Helliet Nyamunda

Youth from Chitungwiza, Epworth and Mbare were recently trained on conflict and mediation by Centre for Conflict Management Transformation (CCMT) in Harare.

The training was organized by CCMT to mitigate the occurrence of conflict and violence during and after elections.

“The main agenda of the training is to create mediators who will help mitigate conflict and violence in different communities before, during and just after elections since that period is associated with too much violence which leads to many relationship breakdowns, hate, injuries, deaths and destruction of infrastructure which leads to economic demise,” said Jenifer, the training facilitator.

The participants were taught on the dimensions of conflict which includes, who is involved in the conflict, what are the sources of the conflict, relationship among or between parties, the history of the conflict, how the conflict can be dealt with and as well the meaning of mediation and steps followed in a mediation process.

The participants also discussed on violence against women and its effects in societies and development.