Dadza Dee mesmerize St Mary’s residents


By  T Mapuranga and T Choto.

Dancehall chanter Dadza D (Mr Chargy) sparked some flames at a roadshow conducted by Chitungwiza Community Development Network(CCDN) at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre where he took his time to encourage the young generation to register and vote through his musical lyrics.

The roadshow attracted many residents who found their way to the event as they were curious on the lined-up activities. The activities which were being conducted in the form of live performances from various young artists and political educators on BVR system among others were inspiring to the public.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officials graced the event as they were conducting the Biometric Voter Registration at the event

Despite the roadshow starting at midday with the sun blazing so hot, the crowd stay tuned and entertained from the lined up local upcoming artist who were singing songs of encouraging every eligible person to go and register to vote in preparation of the fourth coming 2018 elections.

The local born dancehall champion Darlington Tongai Zhanje aka Dhadza D impressed the public as he got onto the stage with his song called “mvura hakuna magetsi hakuna masewage ongoramba achidhubhuka” in which he was singing lyrics of continued poor service delivery by the authorities.

He took time to give the youths a better understanding of how participation in elections and governance processes can make a better socio-eco-political environment.

“Boys dzangu mirai munzwe ka, zvinongonzi mayouths anoita zvemadrugs but dakukuudzai kuti musanyeberwe boys endai munoregister kuvoter tiisewo vanhu vatinoda pamwe mararamiro edu angaite nani”, said Dadza Dee

“Participation in the electoral cycle must not come with any form of intimidation. It is the role of every youth to contribute to a violent free election”, continued Dadza Dee.

Most youths were singing along with him each time he dropped a tune which showed how influential the artist is to the younger generation.

The young upcoming artist T-Flexx   managed to feature with his hit song ‘Mukanya’ which enticed the crowd and the main guest Dhadza D was impressed with the talent within the young artists.