94 Registered to Vote at BVR Road Show


By Margret Chogugudza

94 Chitungwiza residents registered to vote at a BVR road show hosted by Chitungwiza Community Development Network (CCDN) at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre recently.

The road show which was attended by thousands of people from Chitungwiza was aimed at encouraging residents to register to vote under the Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) mop up exercise.

Speaking at the road show CCDN Director Eddington Shayanowako said “the road show is meant to encourage those who have not registered to register under the BVR mop up exercise so that they can vote during the upcoming elections”.

“The road show is also aimed at providing answers and clarifications on various concerns and questions which the residents might have concerning BVR and other issues regarding the upcoming elections” said Shayanowako.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commision (ZEC) officials assisted those who wanted to register and provided the residents with answers on the BVR mop up exercise.

ZEC officials encouraged those who have not yet registered to make use of the mop up exercise and register to vote.

Speaking at the road show a ZEC representative said “ZEC officials  head office and other various areas in Chitungwiza up to the 8th of February to assist the residents to register with BVR”.

Various Chitungwiza artists and dancers were present at the road show providing the crowd with entertainment and also encouraging them to register to vote.

The artists who took part at the road show include Dhadza Dee, Gaza Queen, Unik, Queen Lettah, Budfire, Junior Fire, I-Roy, Culture Kid, Dollato among others.

The residents also had an opportunity to win various prices from CCDN after answering some questions on BVR during the road show.