Chitownews Welcome you to 2018: The year General Elections will decide the National question for Zimbabweans!


On behalf of the Chitownews Editorial Team, Chitownews reporters and the greater Chitungwiza Community, I wish all our readers, partners and the broader Pro-democracy movement in Zimbabwe a peaceful, prosperous and momentous 2018!

2017 earned its deserved place in the annals of Zimbabwean history with the ‘Coup’ or ‘Military assisted Transition’ of November 15-21 that deposed long-time strongman Robert Mugabe.

Some years after publicly vowing that the “Arab spring that swept dictatorships in North African countries such as Libya, Tunisia and Egypt would not happen in Zimbabwe”, Mugabe was overthrown in November 2017 in an almost  similar but spectacular fashion!

While debate still rages in public and private spaces and the jury is still out on whether Mugabe’s waterloo was a ‘coup d’etat or citizens uprising?

Whether the Lacoste faction and Command Element of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces used politically naïve Zimbabweans to legitimize their power grab by staging the 18 November March to State House?

What is apparent and generally accepted is that removing the incorrigible Robert Mugabe was a collective national effort with the huge turnout in the countrywide march of 18 November 2017 signifying that the soldiers marched in sync with the peoples’ will supported by key groups such as war veterans and social movements.

Some argued that the military reacted to overwhelming national anger due to biting economic hardships which hardened sentiment against the Mugabe regime. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was the nonagenarian succession plan to hand-over power to the much reviled first lady- Grace Mugabe- a move which would have turned Zimbabwe from a Peoples Republic into a into a De Facto Monarchy!

It is instructive to note that for the coup to succeed, the Command Element allowed the people to participate in the transition process and people took the opportunity with both hands and turned out for the 18 November 2017 march to state house in huge numbers.

This was the decisive blow for the Mugabe regime meaning that people’s views and opinions matter in governance processes.

The year 2018 will also go down as a milestone in the History of Zimbabwe as Presidential, Parliamentary and Local government elections are constitutionally due Mid-year presenting Zimbabweans with an opportunity to decide the national questions of the day through the ballot by electing a leadership that mirrors the country’s rapidly changing demographics and respond to the nation’s pressing needs.

Your participation will be key and decisive! What Zimbabwe does not need at this time is another inconclusive election

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is still compiling a new voters role using the more secure Biometric Voter registration process and every eligible Zimbabwean should feature in the new voters role. More importantly, we should all vote come 2018 General elections.