Artists bemoan lack of creative spaces


Margret Chogugudza

Artists have bemoaned lack of arts space and facilities for nurturing and development of their artistic work at a meeting with the Arts, Sports and Recreation minister Kazembe Kazembe at Chitungwiza Arts Centre recently.

Artists from the visual arts, literally arts, music, dance, theater, film, craft and fashion sectors attended the meeting.

“As artists we lack spaces to carry out our work and also to display our finished products and this is hindering the development of our work” said Godfrey Mandivhenyi a sculptor.

Diana Samukange also bemoans the lack of space for various artists to carry out their activities and asked the minister what the ministry is promising to the artists concerning the creation of infrastructure.

In his response the newly appointed minister Kazembe Kazembe alluded that the government is to build new art centres for the artists to help develop the creative industry.

“As a ministry we are tirelessly working to improve the work and lives of the artists by providing artists with space to carry out their various activities and work” said the minister.

Minister Kazembe indicated that the plan to build the arts centres is part of the agenda of the ministry during the 100 days.

“I am operating a 100-day performance target where daily my ministry’s focus is to get quick wins for the creative industries” he said.

Kazembe said during the first 100 days the ministry will establish at least four centres and the ministry will increase the numbers of the arts centres over time.

Professor Chimundu the Chairperson of the National Arts Council said “the ministry should engage the local authorities to create spaces for artists”.

The minister promised to help the artists in fighting piracy by coming up with strict legal frameworks and also to engage with other ministries which can be of help in reducing the prevalence of piracy.

The meeting was attended by directors in the ministry of Arts, Sports and Recreation, artists such as Oliver Mutukudzi, Charles Charamba, Mechanic Manyeruke, activists and members of the general public.