Your Vote Your Future: Youth Register To Vote


By Margret Chogugudza

It is now time for the citizens of Zimbabwe to take the most crucial and necessary action that can define the direction of our future and the country at large. It is time to register to vote but it very sad to note that most young people have lost faith in election processes.

A snap survey conducted by Chitownews reviewed that most young people between the ages of 18 and 25 years of age are not interested in voter registration and elections.

However, the future of this generation and the next depends on us young people through exercising our right to vote for the right government.

We are young, we have our entire future ahead of us and we are the ones who are going to grow up through the elected government. Just thinking of our future should motivate us to vote.

Young people in Zimbabwe constitute the majority of the population therefore we should not underestimate the impact and potential in us to change the course of our lives and that of the upcoming generation.

It is very important for us as young people to understand how politics affect us. We cannot always complain about unemployment, poor governance, cash crisis, poor service delivery and corruption when we are doing nothing to address the challenges.

We should register to vote and also strive to be voted into office as well. Young people all over the world are doing great things, becoming presidents, CEOs and multi-millionaires.

Here in Zimbabwe, we can also be leaders of our communities and our country. We can also be Councillors and Members of Parliament.

Young people are usually told that they are leaders of tomorrow and not today but I suggest we should not accept it because we are leaders in our own rights. 2018 election presents us the opportunity to vote for our leaders and to be voted as leaders as well.

Young people we have the duty to transform our nation through the ballot box and also through being great leaders implementing the change we long for.

Throughout history youths have changed the scoreboard of leadership. Where ever we might be as young people we should discuss about our politics, the economy and how our leaders have turned us into a ‘lost generation’.

Young people should understand that every aspect of our daily lives is influenced by politics and by the leaders we elect through the ballot paper. From how much we pay in taxes to the price of our basic commodities, health facilities and tuition fee, politics has a direct impact on our daily lives.

In conclusion let us all be wise as youth. We have watched our beloved country become an example of a failed state and we cannot just continue sitting back and doing nothing about it.

Take this opportunity to visit the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices in your district with your national identity card or passport, proof of residence and be a registered voter.

Youths let us register to vote, voted for and actively participate in 2018 Zimbabwean election.