Citizen reporting training curricula


THE objective of the course is to equip participants with basic reporting skills and to generate interest in the use of social media.
Topics to be explored

  1. The role of media in society and the different types of media.
  2. What is citizen journalism and it’s origins, advantages and disadvantages
  3. The basics of news gathering

Participants will be exposed to be basics that are necessary for them to be able to gather information, identify newsworthy activities in their communities. Interviewing techniques will be discussed so that they will be able to talk to various people in their areas.

  1. News writing techniques

Participants will be taught the Five W’s and an H, so that they can they can be able to summarize their reports in a manner that will be easy to write.This will also come in handy when they submit alerts on whatever would be happening in their areas.

  1. Introduction to online editing – Participants will discuss the Chitownews editorial policy.
  2. Photography

There will be a discussion on photo journalism. Emphasis will be placed on practical sessions on how the citizen journalists can be able to take photos with their phones, and basic camera that can be usable in print. They will also be exposed to basic editing techniques that will enable them to submit pictures of good quality.

  1. Digital manipulation of images -Participants will be taught on how to manipulate digital images to reflect the thoughts and experiences.


  1. Social Media

Participants will be taught on how to make maximum use of social media to communicate stories happening in their communities. They will also be encouraged to set up Facebook, email and twitter accounts.

  1. Conflict Reporting

Journalists always want to be at the forefront wherever it happens. This will be the same with our citizen journalists who may one day cover political violence that is endemic in our society. The citizen journalists need to know how they can be able to cover demonstrations or how they can navigate their way out of difficult situations. Therefore, there will be a session on how to cover conflicts.

  • Ethics of citizen journalism- Participants will be taught on the do’s and don’ts of citizen journalism.
  1. Risks of citizen journalism- Participants will be taught on the risks of being a citizen journalist more so in a community when you are known.