Mujuru blasts Mugabe’s sentiments


National People’s Party (NPP) led by former Vice President Joyce Mujuru held its first rally in Chitungwiza at Macheka ground St Mary’s on Saturday and promised to drill two boreholes for the people of St Mary’s Constituency.

Whilst addressing the crowd NNP president Joyce Mujuru began by denigrating President Robert Mugabe statements at the World Economic Forum in Durban that Zimbabwe comes second only to South Africa in terms of infrastructure development.

“We had difficulties coming here trying to avoid sewage and pot holes which is a menace but surprising you hear somebody saying that Zimbabwe comes second only to South Africa in terms of infrastructure development in Africa just a week ago,” said Mujuru.

“Is it that all the developments have ruptured in just a week” asked Mujuru.

The former vice president said that poverty can only be witnessed not to hear about it that is why they as NPP had to get to the people in humility.

Addressing the issue of water shortage in Chitungwiza, the NPP president promised to drill two boreholes to St Mary’s constituency and stressed the point that water is life.

“We heard that water is only available once per week here. We say water is life but a million people are living without such a resource, what’s that. That is why we want to drill two boreholes for the people of St Mary’s,” continued Mujuru.

As a freedom fighter Mujuru said that severe poverty which has spread all over the nation is not what they fought for rather a better life for all.

“Living with sewage on our door steps and everywhere is not desirable. What we wanted as freedom fighters was freedom for everyone… this what we fought…is this what our fellows died for…is this what our fellows lost their legs for….We are no longer afraid of that which does make any sense,” said Mujuru.

About the coalition she said that they (NPP) and the MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai are one and the people will decide a leader who gives them security.

“NPP and MDC T is one and the same thing and the Memorandum of Understanding has to show the way. We can’t be dislodged by not agreeing on certain issues. It is not about Joyce Mujuru or Morgan Tsvangirai but it is about bringing people out of sewage and hunger,” said Mujuru.

“Do not worry our team will look into the coalition issue. I can’t throw myself in the front; you decide who gives you security,” continued Mujuru

Mujuru said that leaders come from the people citing the issue of council performance as dysfunctional adding that the corrupt government as the major factor destroying operations. Mujuru also said that councillors are elected by the people therefore no one had to fire them except the people themselves thereby denouncing partisanship.

Mujuru said that as a nation Zimbabwe has to be well established and have good relations with international monetary organisations like International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to reduce poverty and bring back the country to economic stability.

She added that bond notes could not sustain the economy and the Statutory Instrument 64 as benefiting those sympathetic to the status quo.

Mujuru ended by encouraging the crowd to register to vote as the solution to shut the devastating economic conditions.

“We are tired of the youths in the street so let us have tales in our homes about the reality. We NPP have the solution, which is to register to vote. That is if you do not vote you have rigged yourself first ….Lets unite at every stage and come together to remove Zanu PF from rule and make everyone’s dream come true.”