‘We are now the majority’, says Tsvangirai


    By Tatenda Choto

    Zengeza 2- Morgan Tsvangirai, the only Zimbabwean who has won an election against Zimbabwean strongman President Robert Mugabe in 2008, a victory that latter turned out to be useless as the dictatorial Mugabe went on to overturn it after withholding results for six weeks before forcing a run-off has declared that the opposition is now the majority.

    Addressing thousands of people at the launch of the National Electoral Reforms Agenda (NERA) voter education campaign at Zengeza 2 grounds in Chitungwiza on Saturday, the MDC T leader said they had numbers to their advantage as they march towards the much awaited 2018 general elections

    “I want to tell you one thing, we are now aware of what is happening. They stole the previous election but this time around they are not going to do that because we now know the tactics that they use to rig the election,” said Tsvangirai.

    “We are going to refuse to accept a result which does not recognise the choice of the people of Zimbabwe. I want to tell ZANU PF that they are now the minority. Therefore we cannot expect the minority to defeat the majority”, continued Tsvangirai.

    Tsvangirai continued dismantling ZANU PF’s chances for an election victory by challenging a negative outcome against their coalition for they will not accept it. The MDC leader challenged the youth to shield their vote and not just wait for him to do something.

    “Simply going to vote is not good enough. We must also defend our vote. We must not leave this duty to only a few people”, said Tsvangirai.

    “When ZANU PF rigs elections many of you simply look at me. Some of you do not even have a national; ID, other does not even bother to get those Identification Cards. Others chose the path of not going to register for elections. What you will be actually saying is that the old generation must define your future”.

    The leader was furious about the low turnout in the 2013 elections and appealed to the youth to register to determine their future.

    “In our last election only 5 percent of those between the ages of 18 to 35 years voted. I am now challenging all those young people because you are allowing us the old people to continue defining your future”, said  Tsvangirai

    “But let’s not lose hearts. Let’s go and register to vote. On voting day we are not supposed to go home without casting our votes” said Tsvangirai.

    The MDC led by Tsvangirai had the most supporters victimised in the disputed 2008 election runoff which led to the MDC T leader throwing the towel to save lives. A one man race was resounded won by Robert Mugabe of  the ZANU PF claiming a land slide victory before he agreed to a Government of National Unity in which Tsvangirai was the Prime Minister.

    The NERA coalition which is set to battle internally falling ZANU PF  has the MDC-T and the other major political parties including the MDC of Welshman Ncube, People’s Democratic Party (PDP), ZUNDE, and the (National People’s Party) NPP led by former Vice President Joyce Mujuru among others.