Superb performances at the festival under the New Curriculum

A collage of pictures for the perfomances

By Tatenda Choto

St Mary’s– Chaminuka primary school on Monday hosted the Cluster Annual Science Sports Arts Festival at zone level marking the first ever talent show of its kind under the new educational curriculum in Chitungwiza.

Featuring all primary schools within the Zengeza zone, the event was full to capacity with audience  mostly school pupils, parents, teachers  and school heads who could not wait for what lingered before them. The proceedings started amicably with the national anthem, national pledge and then prayer before the Master of Ceremony Mr Muzaminde called for the first performance of the day.

Drama majorettes from Zengeza 7 primary school, dressed to empress the audience gave a splendid piece of performance that demonstrated why they are ranked first in the Chitungwiza and all over the province as they left the audience ululating for more.

The events that followed came from mostly ECD pupils on public speaking with the little ones doing what most adults would find difficult to do that is giving a speech before a big crowd. The big audience was left stunned by educational speeches on technology, water and five colours on the national flag.

High performance dramas followed with the majority centred on the importance of technology and the pitfalls within it. The kids demonstrated how the new sophisticated mediums of communication are dividing families and creating an unoccupied space between the children and their parents  whom they(parents) say are giving first priority to their newly found buddies (laptops and phones) whilst neglecting their own children. In the dramas children described the new innovations as the necessary evil that is stealing a lot of family time and pleasure at the expense of business and friends.

A jump into dance then followed from traditional, heritage and the newly found ‘klux’ which kept the audiences geared to the proceedings. All the dances got different impression from the old performances getting attention especially from the ECD performers who culturally dramatised the traditional dance in the old fashion way. Revolutionary songs were articulated on the heritage part with the performers resembling the old guerrilla cadres. The crowd was put into dance and sing along from hit song “Amai munodonhedza musika” inspired by the ‘klux’ dancers which was repeatedly played according to public demand. Modelling, netball and two soccer matches from both boys and girls rounded up the day filled with excitement and bliss.

Speaking on the side lines with the Chitownews crew Simbarashe a public speaker and head boy from Zengeza 7 said that the event was a perfect platform for him to develop his skill.

“As a public speaker I am inspired by events of this calibre because they provide me with an opportunity to stand before a large audience which enhances my confidence and courage. May be in time I will have to meet much bigger crowds therefore this is a perfect start” said Simbarashe.

Mr Mhiji a veteran teacher said the event was a success considering it was the first of its kind.

“The initiative is in its infancy. Today’s edition is the first of its kind. It is part of Minister Dokora’s New Curriculum initiatives which starts at schools then cluster level like the one you witnessed today,” said Mhiji.

The Acting District Education Officer Mr Maruva shared the same complements with Mhiji but added that the initiative spear heads a major paradigm shift in the education curriculum from not specialising on academic success only but also different talents within students.

“We want the community to desist from an attitude of focusing and targeting white collar jobs which is imperialistic thought of mind. Have a look at developed countries were the economy has multi billionaires coming from sport and art personalities,” said Maruva.

“We have the whole population stark in poverty because we value one channel to success of which it’s not materialising. In that way we end up dumping our kids on the streets with their academic qualifications and label them with all sorts of names after all hopes would have been shuttered and forgotten” he added