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Wednesday , 16 April 2014
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Chitungwiza Municipality fails to seduce residents

Chitungwiza Municipality fails to seduce residents

By Farai Dauramanzi

Chitungwiza – The municipality of Chitungwiza’s 100% promotion which was launched in December last year in an effort to entice residents  to pay their outstanding water bills and outstanding levies has so far grossed in  US 1,2 million , a paltry figure from the US 40 million  owed to council by the residents .

In a recent interview the town clerk for Chitungwiza, Mr George Makunde attributed failure of the promotion to prevailing economic hardships and the ailing economy.

“So far we have managed to recover 3% of the debt owed by residents. The poor flow is due to the fact that most people are struggling to cope in this throttled economy,” said Mr Makunde.

However some residents such as Rosemary Mangwiro of Unit L are of the view that council should improve its service delivery to the residents before they can expect residents to pay.

“What money do they need, they (council) should repair these roads not to concentrate on filling up pot-holes with sand in a rainy season like now and expect residents to give them money,” said a fuming Mangwiro.

Another resident identified as Nathan (26) of Zengeza 1 said council should show residents that they are putting some effort towards improving service delivery before residents can pay their bills.

“How do they expect residents to give them money when they are not showing any efforts of improving service delivery?” probed Nathan.

On the other hand some residents believe that residents should try to support the municipality if services are to improve. Gogo Chabuda, a 63 year old widow from Unit D said if she had the money she would have taken advantage of the promotion.

“If I had the money I would have paid because it’s a noble idea which can go a long way in helping widows like me to cope with the debts,” said Gogo Chabuda.

The Council is said to owe the City of Harare more US15 million in water charges and is failing to settle its debts. The City of Harare is threatening to cut off the Municipality of Chitungwiza completely from its supply network.

The Chitungwiza Municipality is failing to provide its residents with proper and consistent service delivery. The service delivery system is on life support as the town management is struggling to convince residents of their capabilities. On average its household is said to owe council more than US 500 in water and services delivery charges according to a council source.


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